333 Tasting Notes

drank 2016 We Go High by White2Tea
333 tasting notes

I feel like I drank this one time before, but the session was unremarkable, so I waited to note it. Decided to give it another go this past weekend one evening.

A skipped the wash and this poured out like liquid gold with a very light, but slightly throat drying initial flavor. The aroma of this tea is syrupy sweet, though the flavor is not. I only get a couple of steeps in before passing out, but finish this tea up the next day. It settles into a green bell pepper flavor, which I expected, but no feels and not much of an interesting mouthfeel, which I did expect since I only had like two steeps the night before. But perhaps all that power went into putting me to sleep!

This tea still is rather unremarkable to me in comparison to some other sheng I’ve had, including from W2T, but my sample isn’t gone yet so I suppose I’ll see if my opinion changes!

Flavors: Green Bell Peppers

8 g

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I received this as a free sample from The Teaguy; thank you for providing it!

I have to admit that I went into this one with bias because I am not a fan of flavored teas or most blends these days. Additionally, I specifically dislike raspberry, but I was determined to give every tea a fair shot.

As with the peach green tea blend, I didn’t think I’d be able the handle the aroma of this one hot, so the SO decided to cold steep this one before I got to it, and I tried it when she made it. The resulting brew was a pleasant surprise in that there wasn’t really a distinct raspberry taste, but more of a mixed berry flavor. This is still not something I would probably choose for myself, as I prefer straight tea, but good for anyone who likes fruity flavors, or even fruit infused water.

Flavors: Berry

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drank Organic Peach Iced by The Teaguy
333 tasting notes

I received this as a free sample from The Teaguy; thank you for providing it!

I have to admit that I went into this one with bias because I am not a fan of flavored teas or most blends these days. The aroma of this one was intimidatingly strong, but I was determined to give every tea a fair shot.

I didn’t think I’d be able the handle the aroma of this one hot, so I decided to cold steep it. The resulting brew was very peachy, so I think this would be a good blend for people who really like fruity notes and fruity flavors in general, especially peach. For me, personally, I prefer straight tea and to enjoy the flavor of the tea, so this isn’t something I would pick for myself, but I think it would make for a good, refreshing option for someone who likes this flavor profile.

Flavors: Peach

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I received this as a free sample from The Teaguy; thank you for sending it!

I tried this one a while back, so the notes I provide are from that session. The leaves of this TGY are tightly rolled—as anticipated—with hints of green and a sweet aroma. The liquor pours light gold, and sweet notes dominate the first steep. The following steeps taste—surprisingly—a bit roasty in nature, and I never pick up on the distinct florals I was expecting, especially with this being a greener TGY. After they expand, I do notice that the leaves seem a bit more broken and thin than I am accustomed to.

This was not quite up my alley for an oolong, but I will be testing it out some more. I didn’t really get any of the notes other people seemed to get out of this, so I may not have steeped it well. And considering the sweetness in the first steep, I could see this having other flavors to offer as well as doing well western style or cold steeped, both of which I may try out. Regardless of the outcome of my first session, I can say that this is a decently priced option for exploring a greener TGY oolong for someone not ready to jump into top tier options yet.

Flavors: Roasted, Sweet

8 g

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drank 2016 King of Pu-erh by The Teaguy
333 tasting notes

I received this tea as a free sample from The Tea Guy (many thanks!) and am finally getting around to trying it. The aroma of the dry leaf is subtle enough that I’m not sure what to expect, so I go into the first steep blind. I skip the wash, wanting to get as much of a sense of the tea as I can (plus, it’s loose leaf, so doesn’t need to break apart), and I let it steep just long enough to get dark.

There is a bit of storage flavor in the first infusion, and it’s got both a creamy mouthfeel and a hint of creamy flavor notes. The finish—especially by the time I’m downing the last of the first steep—is like a milky coffee with a bit of earth at the back of the throat. The flavor also coats the mouth and lingers for quite a bit.

Oddly enough, I think I taste the storage more in the second infusion than the first. As I sip, I visualize barrels being rained upon in the garden, a blend of wet wood and petrichor dominating the aroma.

Flavor evens out into a stable blend of lightly woody, creamy and sweet. Overall, an easy to drink shou with more complexity than I was expecting. That could very well be attributable to the fact that it does seem to have a bit of wet storage flavor to it, which I am a fan of. I may try going warrior style on this one since I’ve still got a good bit of sample left.

Flavors: Coffee, Creamy, Dust, petrichor, Smooth, Sweet, Wet Wood

Boiling 8 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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Grabbed a few balls of this with my last YS order and started one yesterday during a meeting and am continuing on with it today. YGB is my favorite white tea at this moment, so I was excited to try this.

Liquor steeps out to a nice golden color and the flavor seems more like a silver needle than most of the YGB I’ve tried initially. Notes of hay and straw with a light sweet finish. Coming back to this tea today, it has morphed a bit (I love coming back to white teas a day later) and developed a bit more depth behind those notes of hay, with a more distinct honeyed finish a floral fragrance and a hint of malt. I think I will probably store and wait a while before trying one of these again.

It’s easy to drink and very convenient, but I think it needs some more time to become as good as it probably can!

Flavors: Floral, Hay, Honey, Straw, Sweet

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Just opened my order of this tea, freshly harvested at the end of March. Would have loved to get to this sooner, but there are so many fresh greens I’ve been working my way through!

The dry leaves of this tea has a faintly sweet, vegetal aroma and each steep of this pours almost clear. The flavor is light and sweet, with indistinct fruit notes and a bit of a fresh grassy finish. I love how the color of the leaves brighten over multiple infusions as they hydrate, and I enjoyed a good number of infusions of this lovely spring green. I think I will try my next infusion with more leaf and also try this one cold steeped overnight.

Flavors: Fruity, Grass, Sweet

4 g

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Silly me finally adding this to my inventory when I only have a few grams left! I ordered this separately from the she qian so I could get that one asap, and this—harvested days later—came not too long after.

Another excellent long jing in my opinion, though definitely distinct from the superior she qian. The initial aroma of this one is nutty, roasty and beany, preparing the palate for the flavors to come. The initial steep is a very light clear yellow, and is smooth with a sweet, roasted chestnut body with almost sugary highlights and subtle florals rounding it out. I love the aroma that fills my space, which is—again—like taking in the aroma of a nice, savory broth. The flavor develops and strengthens in steep two, and even when steeped longer than intended doesn’t become astringent. After subsequent steeps, the florals move more into the forefront of the flavor profile.

While the she qian is, indeed, superior, this is still an excellent long jing and definitely a solid, more budget-friendly choice!

Flavors: Beany, Broth, Chestnut, Floral, Nutty, Sweet, Umami, Vegetal

175 °F / 79 °C 4 g

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I feel like it’s taken multiple sessions over time for me to develop a better appreciation for this tea. Steeped up what will probably be my second to last session with this tea in a red clay teapot yesterday.

I drank it from the first steep without washing, so the initial steep was extremely light , but clean and sweet. As the tea darkened it became thick and smooth, with some mineral notes and an interesting cooling sensation offsetting the warm, creamy body.

Since I only got a couple of steeps in before it was time to leave work I tossed the leaves into my thermos and filled it with boiling water. It kept warm overnight and I finished it this morning. Still nice and smooth with an easy to drink sweetness, thick mouthfeel and that distinct cooling sensation.

I am glad I spent some more time with this tea and I think it is a nice daily drinker.

Flavors: Camphor, Creamy, Mineral, Smooth, Sweet, Thick

Boiling 7 g

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I have been doing an awful job at taking notes lately. :( Life has been so busy that when I have been drinking tea, I have just wanted to drink and enjoy it more organically.

Anyhow. I received this tea around this time in April (so been enjoying it for around a month), and it really does deserve a note. Thank you, steph, for recommending this one!

This tea has a lovely, sweet nutty aroma right out of the bag and tastes of sweet chestnuts from the first steep. The liquor is a very clear, light gold. I really enjoy (and recommend) taking it slow with this tea, enjoying the flavor and aroma of each steep /and/ the aroma of the leaves between each steep. After the first infusion, the aroma of these leaves is reminiscent of a nice, umami broth, and it really fills my office. Inhaling deeply is all it takes to find the nuttiness still beneath.

The following steep brings more of the same flavors, but with more depth, and a stronger sweetness kicks in in steep three. Overall, this is a lovely fresh green to enjoy, and I am very glad I got to enjoy the fresh harvest!

Flavors: Broth, Chestnut, Nutty, Sugarcane, Sweet, Umami, Vegetal

175 °F / 79 °C 0 min, 15 sec 4 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

So glad that you love this tea

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I like tea, mostly unflavored. I drink all tea, but mostly Japanese teas, puerh, oolong and white tea.

I don’t rate until I have had a tea several times unless it makes a very strong, immediate impact.

I am hunting for the following:
w2t 1990s HK Style
w2t 2016 Nightlife

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