en_paz said

Guayusa vs. Yerba Mate

I have never tried Guayusa tea. I heard it is comparable to Yerba Mate. Yerba Mate is definitely an acquired taste. Please let me know of your experiences with guayusa. Is it comparable to Yerba Mate? What brand should I try?

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Simple said

I had some of Runa’s Guayusa, I liked it. Almost tastes like an earthy oolong of sorts. Kind of hard to describe the flavor, but it’s good. Runa has a spice blend with cinnamon that is very good. Guayusa is an earthy flavor but not similar in taste to mate’ , as it’s a distant cousin. I liked the cultural aspect of this drink, the indigenous peoples gather before dawn around the campfire, and hear stories and listen to the flute while drinking heaps of guayusa, before starting their day – sounds fun.

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Tyler Gage said

Hey En Paz,

Our company, Runa, works directly with indigenous farmers in Ecuador to bring guayusa to market in the US, and we would love to send you some to try. The other great companies sharing guayusa are all using our ingredient, and many of the blends they’ve created are really fantastic as well, and different then ours.

Take care,


jwells7722 said

Tyler tell me more about Runa… the company and Guayusa, where you get your teas and how they are handled and what are the natural flavorings that I have read on the ingredients

Tyler Gage said

Hi Jwells,

At Runa we source our guayusa leaves straight from the farmer cooperatives we work with down in the Ecuadorian Amazon.
Once the leaves are harvested, they are dried, packed, and shipped to the US.

Beyond a fascinating culture and story, guayusa has incredible health benefits – the strong caffeine content is balanced out with polyphenols and antioxidants, which allow you to enjoy the clean, focused energy guayusa provides without any of the jitters or crash.

The natural flavors in our products are a proprietary blend of organic fruit, herb, and plant extracts, which round out the flavor of each bottle and can.

I hope this answered all your questions, and that you try and love Runa’s guayusa tea!

Take care,

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James R said

Is Runa Guayusa available at any retail locations in Chicago? I’ve been wanting to try it

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Lala said

Just bumping this thread up. I am wondering if guayusa is the same as yerba mate, or is it something completely different? Everything I read says they are “cousins” – what does that mean?? Any opinions on whether then taste the same?

they taste different to me – guayusa has a more creamy taste and I prefer its flavor more than mate. Both can taste kinda grassy, unless it’s roasted mate.

Personal experience, but I find the energy effects of guayusa nicer and not as hard hitting – mate boosts me to climb the walls.

Guayusa is not the same thing as Yerba Mate. You are correct that they are cousins and they are both a type of holly tree. Guayusa has about 20 mgs more of caffeine per cup than Yerba Mate. While still on the earthy side, Guayusa is less earthy and has a bit more of a natural sweetness similar to molasses. I personally enjoy the taste of Guayusa a little more.

weird that guayusa has more caffeine!

It does, it has about 90mg per 8oz cup. There are other components in the leaf that help provide a well balanced energy feeling, so that you don’t feel jittery.

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straight guayusa vs straight green (not roasted) mate is somewhat sweeter and a bit grassier. Reminds me of the differences between a gyokuro and sencha green teas. I personally prefer guayusa if i’m wanting something straight and with good kick, but use green mate to blend with herbals/rooibos.

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I agree with Awkward Soul about the effects of Guayusa versus Yerba Mate. When I first tried Yerba Mate as a hot tea, after my second sip, I was afraid I was going to have a heart attack. My heart raced, and I got jittery… I am currently drinking cold Guayusa (in a lime flavored zero calorie drink by Runa), and I can immediately feel the alertness, intent awareness, but my heart is normal. It seems to affect the brain much more than the heart…

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