Cola flavored tea

I would love to hear what you guys think about our new tea of the week. Here’s the text from the post:

We’re pushing the envelope again this week! With some bottled beverage manufacturers offering sodas made with tea, we thought we would put a different spin on it and offer a tea flavored with soda! Here’s our Cherry Vanilla Cola flavored black tea.

Proving once again that we’re not your Aunt Beatrice’s tea blender, this blend has real cherries, vanilla bean pieces and all natural cola flavor. It’s a great tea for a tea soda, so we’re posting our tea soda recipe for those of you who are interested.

The first cola was created by druggist John Pemberton in 1885. He named it Coca-Cola, reportedly after the two crucial ingredients: cocaine and kola nuts. In a sense, Pemberton was a sort of tea blender only he worked with tisanes and carbonated water.

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Cofftea said

Cherry flavored things make me ill, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the theory. I make carbonated root beer black iced tea and it’s amazing. Pretty much any flavor that you like would work, I just happen to not like cherry. That makes me think, what about a carbonated cold matcha?

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We actually posted our recipe for tea sodas. We make tea sodas all the time at Zoomdweebie’s (or brick and mortar tea bar). We also make tea spritzers with Coke or Sprite. Most popular tea soda? Butterscotch, believe it or not.

By the way, the tea soda recipe and the Cherry Vanilla Cola tea can be found at:

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creative! :) I’d try it…why not!

Ditto. Intrigued.

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Angrboda said

Cherry cola is the greatest invention since fire! (and the interwebs) This sounds awesome.

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gmathis said

Local health food store sells cola tea in bulk … it’s great iced. Does taste just like a coke minus the sugar.

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Ricky said

This is interesting, but cola flavored chicken didn’t turn out that well =/

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Cola flavoured tea???

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