Lipton and animal testing

We generally think of animal testing when we’re talking about shampoos… but I guess the world of tea isn’t exempt.

It’s really a rarity that my passion for animal welfare and my love of tea mix, but apparently it does get to happen!
In any case, ANOTHER reason not to drink Lipton!

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Animal testing is done a lot more than I think most people expect. I’m vegan and this just really bothers me and is so unnecessary. Occasionally, when I go out to eat and nothing else is available I would drink lipton tea but now I will just wait until I get home.

Login or sign up to post a message. They stopped animal testing as of January this year! Not that I’ll be buying any of their products any time soon.

Oh, good to hear!
Lipton is terrible tea, nonetheless.

my question would be: what took them so long?

I mean, seriously, why would they wait until the year 2011 to finally stop unnecessary testing on animals?

It was a PETA campaign, actually.
I know PETA gets a lot of flack for a lot of things, but they DO uncover information, raise awareness, take action and get things done.

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Jude said

PETA rocks — JMK’s right on about the real strides in animal welfare they accomplish despite the flack they get… a lot of which is started by whiny companies (fur industry, agribusiness, etc) trying to keep people from supporting their causes. If only the news media would start investigating or even just reporting on the quietly hidden plethora of institutionalized animal cruelty. Most people just have no clue what’s going on in this realm, and would be mortified by the truth. (rant off)

Well, the media may be losing the opportunity to report on what goes on behind closed factory farm doors –,0,5047685.story

I think that in itself is pretty newsworthy, and really should be raising a ruckus – what is our meat industry trying so hard to hide from us, that they’re pushing laws against any chance of exposure?

Jude said

The link’s not working… just pulls up a listing of a bunch of articles on animals.

Not sure what happened to that link…
this one should be good:

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That’s a very exaggerated description of how lab animals are treated. My boyfriend is a tea researcher and uses mice and rats. If you want more objective information I suggest I have also worked in lab research and mice are never “strangled” but they are killed humanely. Mice are killed in many vegetable production methods BTW…and NOT humanely.

Tons of research is funded by tea growing organizations all over the world. We wouldn’t be able to have discussions like this without this research. Some pharmaceutical compounds that save lives have also been developed though this research. Lipton probably stopped funding research because they don’t need to now that governments and other medical organizations are.

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