Jenny said

Adding Milk to my "Travel Tea Station"

So I’ve pretty much have my tea brewing/drinking down for when I’m on campus.

- I have my Aladdin tea tumbler:
- My 26oz Thermos filled with enough hot water for the whole day.
- Loose leaves tea in my Sesame Street pill box and a tiny little teaspoon.

This has worked for me for a while, but lately I’ve been drinking more and more black tea with milk. Does anyone have any tips on how to add milk to my “travel tea set”?

I do have a 12oz thermos that keeps drinks cold for a very long time that could hold the milk, but I’m looking for something much smaller as I probably only need to bring 2-4oz of milk per day.

Thanks in advance!

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Cofftea said

“Sesame Street pill box” …best phrase ever! Wow, you’ve got this thought out! I wish I had an answer other than going to a coffee shop and getting a cup of steamed mik.

Jenny said

Yup! My roommate saw it she went to Hong Kong, and knew I would love it. I’m 21 and still a Sesame Street kid. <3

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Hmm. I, clearly, am far more lazy than you, because that sounds too complicated for me! Other than finding a small thermos and filling it with milk, and adding it to your traveling tea-making apparatus, or bringing along powdered/dry milk in a baggie, I really can’t think of any good suggestions. I usually drink milky tea at home, because I like to steam/froth up my milk with my espresso machine. If I want milky tea while I’m out and about, I hit the Starbucks drive-through for an Awake or Earl Grey tea latte.

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greenmanza said

You could use a small glass bottle such as the Lifefactory WeeGo bottle. They have a 4 oz size. They come with a nipple lid meant for babies, but you can buy a regular lid separately. You might want to get a bottle brush to make washing it easier if you go this route.

Another thing you could use is a plastic travel cosmetics bottle, such as one made by Japonesque.

Another idea is an old jam jar, if it is watertight. They are often around the right size, but sometimes an awkward shape.

If you want to keep the milk cold, then maybe one of those squishy icepacks that can wrap around the bottle, or an insulated bag, or a smaller size thermos might help.

Jenny said

I like the WeeGo bottles! I’m considering buy one if using a flask doesn’t work out. Thanks for all the ideas!

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I believe that Kleen Kanteen makes a smallish insulated stainless steel bottle, it would keep the milk fairly cold but it is still another sizable item to carry around.

Another option is buy a small flask, size would be about right, and perhaps you could fashion a neoprene sleeve to insulate it.

Personally I like your flask, it’ll have all your class mates talking and drive the faculty nuts. Just don’t blame me if you get in trouble for it :-D.

Jenny said

I love you! I have 6oz flask that I totally forgot about until I read this post. I think you have completed my travel tea station:


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