Jenny said

How do you take your sugar?

So the other week, I had a club meeting at my apartment and as a good hostess, I was serving everyone tea.

One of my Persian officers requested a cup of Persian tea, so I made one up for her and served it with milk and sugar. Then she did something that was novel to me. She held the sugar cube in her mouth while she drank the tea.

I hardly ever add sugar to my tea, but when I do I just mixed it into the tea. So I had to try this ~ and it’s really addicting (and I’m sure horrible for my teeth). Anyways, I just wanted share this way of adding sugar to your tea, in case you hadn’t try it either. It’s pretty fun.

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AJ said

Yup. It’s also a very Russian way of drinking tea. That and sweetening your tea with jams and jellies.

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Isabel said

The sugar Persian people hold in their mouth is called qand and is quite different from the ordinary sugar cubes … it doesn’t melt immediately, it is like a sort of hard candy that is lasting as long as there is tea in the cup. It comes in different shapes, mainly triangular and cube, but also as flat rectangles, especially the home made ones. There is a variety of types: the plain one, sugar with cinnamon, or saffron, or lemon, …
The Persian tea is a black tea (they like it strong) with saffron and usually no milk at all. Try it, it is delicious: just choose one black tea such as Ceylon or Assam, while you are steeping it add a very little bit of the same saffron you use in the kitchen for cooking, that’s it ;)

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