AJ said

Spam Problems

I’m just here to break up the monotony that is the entire first page being nothing but spam posts again. So as we all know this is some bullshit and it’s annoying as all crap.

But I recently discovered something else; the escort and related spam sites that obsessively post on steepster also LINK to steepster FROM other sites.


Shitty spam sites are actually using Steepster to host their profiles, which then link to their sites. I think we’ve actually hit a line here.

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Rasseru said

I dont know what framework the forum is built on & if we can get antispam plugins, but one can reallt see why other forums have post count rules, antispam or get moderators to OK people

Sadly, the fact there’s been no updates for years, I don’t think anything will be done.

AJ said

Yeah, I agree on that front; I don’t see there being a solution anytime soon. A simple post cap would remove about 70% of the problem though.

I hate the awkward exclusivity that Teachat’s registration approval setup causes, but at least they don’t have this kind of spam problem.

Ken said

I sent an approval request months ago

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McNally said

It could be something as simple as implementing reCaptcha or some similar tool to help verify it’s a human at the keyboard when accounts are created. But yeah, like Rasseru said, we don’t know the framework this site is built on or what options might be available.

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