Tea shops in Silicon Valley, Palo Alto, Mountain View, California?

When searching for tea in Silicon Valley, it seems that all the results are for boba tea shops. Does anyone know of a proper tea shop between Mountain View and San Mateo?

I know of Mountain View Tea Village, but their website doesn’t suggest that they sell according to the harvest cycle.

Basically, I’m looking for something like San Francisco shops Song, Red Blossom, or Aroma but in Silicon Valley.

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onjinone said

I haven’t seen much at all in between Mountain View and San Mateo but there’s a place called Puer Tea Center in San Mateo. I’ve only passed by it a couple times so never tried.

There’s Sophie’s Cuppa Tea in Oakland and Hidden Peak Teahouse in Santa Cruz if you have time to check them out since they’re far.

The Puer Tea Center looks great, but Yelp says it has closed. Too bad.

onjinone said

Lame. Yeah it’s hard outside of SF. Curious, what do you think of Red Blossom vs. Aroma or Song?

All three of those SF shops are worth visiting. I prefer the Aroma on 6th Ave at Clement to the one in Chinatown though.

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I visited Tea Time in Palo Alto yesterday. It’s more of an English tea room than a tea shop, but they do sell lots of loose leaf teas, mostly black. They have an impressive collection of teacups. If you’re in Palo Alto, it’s worth popping your head in.

My research also turned up Lisa’s Tea Treasures in Los Altos and a Lovejoy’s in Redwood City. I didn’t visit either though. I didn’t know Lovejoy’s had more than one location.

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