Methods of mixing Matcha with other things?? Help Needed

Recently I’ve been brewing some hot matcha tea and then pouring some coconut milk over it with some ice cubes. Is this still a viable way of reaping the health benefits? I know standard dairy milk is a no-no, but what’re your thoughts on mixing it with stuff like non-dairy milk to consume the antioxidants? Any other suggestions to mix for optimal health benefits?
Thanks guys!

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Netherhero said

Adding dairy milk, though it may be unhealthy for other reasons, should not decrease the health benefits inherit in matcha in any way. The only way I could think of is if the fat or proteins in the milk coated the matcha particles in some way and they were digested with the milk, and the nutrients weren’t absorbed? But that seems unlikely unless you are very lactose intolerent, and then you shouldn’t have milk anyways.

Non dairy milk will not do this either. Both will, however mask the flavor of the tea to a certain extent. In contrast though, they will bring out different flavors as well. This goes for all tea, or coffee beverages as well. You should experiment to see what you like :)

If you are looking for health benefits, drink it however you like it. The snobbish may judge the matcha latte as ‘not in the japanese tradition", but I feel the country that’s cuisine is largely based around bonito flakes, miso, mirin, sake, and soy sauce, will not begrudge you the pursuit of flavors you enjoy.

LuckyMe said

Sadly dairy does block your body from absorbing the antioxidants in tea:

But cow’s milk still makes the best tasting matcha lattes. Almond and soy milk, while healthier, turn matcha into a a chalky, undrinkable mess.

Netherhero said

Hmm, should I be happy about being right about what it would do, or wrong about saying it wouldn’t do it. Not sure :) But Matcha Lattes with Dairy are delcious.

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I would like to share another mixing here. It’s name is Matcha Sunrise. A beautyful name, right? Maybe someone like me to do something different with tea drink? I like some sweet taste of drink, which made me try to add some different taste into tea.
1 tsp matcha
1/2 cup orange juice (lemonade is also good!)
1/2 cup hot water 176 F
Ice cubes 7-8 pieces
1. Combine matcha and hot water in a matcha bowl (or a café Au Lait bowl).
2. Whisk thoroughly with a chasen (bamboo wisk) until it foams. If you do not have a Chashaku, you can stir with spoon until all the clumps are removed. (It’s easier to pour the hot water little by little)
3. Divide the ice cubes placing half in the matcha bowl and half in a tall glass.
4. Pour the orange juice into the tall glass while the ice melts in your matcha bowl.
5. Slowly pour the cool matcha over a spoon into the glass and enjoy! (The spoon helps keep the layers from mixing)

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evevvren said

I find soy milk and matcha go VERY well together! And soymilk has the most protein out of any of the altmylks so I’m happy to consume more protein wherever I can! :)

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Milk frothers and cocktail shakers are super handy for mixing matcha too. Coconut milk is tasty. I also like it with coconut water or fruit juices.

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