has a new web host

Wow, that was not an easy transition to say the least. I would like to offer my sincere apologies to anyone trying to place an order on our web site that was unable to but we are up and running with our new hosting company. I would like to personally like to thank everyone for their patience during this transition. Have a totallly tealicious day!!! Watch for upcoming specials. Hope everyone enjoyed the samples they received and still have a few to send out that were on hold during this transition. They will all be mailed out this week.

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Cool! Glad everything got worked out. I plan on ordering more tea towards the end of May; I’ll definitely check out the site!

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I did receive some samples from them and I will say that I’ve loved everything I’ve tried thus far!

Thank you for the compliments. They have eased the pain of my migration this week. I have enjoyed reading your reviews.

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Uniquity said

I still haven’t broken into my samples yet…I keep seeing reviews for ones I didn’t sample and wishing I had it all! ; )

You all are so much fun to sip and savor my tea with. Thanks for all the great reviews. The transition to the new hosting site is not going as quickly as we had hoped my previous host held us hostage for a week. Have most of it moved over hope to have all the bugs and kinks worked out by the beginning of the week.

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Up and running. What a chore!!! Still missing my cast iron tea pots but I can get back to them. For those of you that haven’t received your requested samples during our transition to the new host should be receiving them soon as they will be sent out at the first of the week. From what your emails said some of you were interested in trying more than the 3 samples we offered. As you can see we send out a very good quantity on our samples and offer them on our site for only $1.00. Keep it steepin!!!

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