Lightening up for spring and summer

This is mainly a question for my fellow lovers of good strong black teas.:) Do you find yourself leaning toward, or searching for, lighter-bodied choices as the weather grows warmer?

I know that when fall arrives, I start working the stouter and slightly smokier teas into my rotation. But it’s only this year that I’ve thought about going lighter in the spring — not just leaning toward oolongs and even the occasional green, but switching to something like Ceylons for my daily fix of black tea. Is anyone having similar inclinations? What black teas are you craving as summer approaches?

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Cofftea said

Nope. Temperature has much more to do with it. If the weather dictates I drink cold tea, as long as it tastes good cold, I drink it. I just wish my VERY favorite VERY strong black tea (Tipu’s instant chai) tasted better cold. In general I’m actually not a big black tea drinker save chai, but I actually drink more black teas in the summer because I like iced flavored blacks much more than hot. So I guess you could say I drink lighter teas in the winter.

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gmathis said

I head the same direction you do, LadyLondonderry … lighter in general, and I start craving fruity stuff. The only exception is when I’m making plain old black tea to ice down; then stronger is better for me, since the ice weakens it.

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The only tea I don’t normally brew in the summer is anything chai, although once in a while I get a craving and just have to give in. My office is super cold, though, so often I actually have the heater on so I stop shivering! Maybe that’s a factor…

I do try any tea iced or cold brewed too – other than chai. For some reason I can’t bring myself to make iced chai tea.

Good question, though – got me thinking about seasonal tea drinking habits! :)

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In the summer I start making iced tea for picnics, but that is really the only change. I still like my staunch teas in the summer too! :) I used to think “Ah, how nice, I’ll lighten up!” but once my body realized the lighter teas have less caffeine it wasn’t having it.

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This morning while sipping my PG Tips, I realized they did not even taste good to me, all I could think about was the Blood Orange Black tea from Drink the leaf. This weekend I am going to break down and place my order. Life is too short to dream about tea, you must Drink that tea!
So, back to the original question. I do tend to crave lighter black teas with fruity additions:)

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Uniquity said

I don’t think my tea tastes are seasonal…I’ve been toward stronger plain black teas the past few weeks, getting out of my long-held tisane and flavoured teas stretch. I don’t really like iced tea, so I still drink it all hot, a couple cups a day at work and one in the morning to help me face the world.

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