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Wine and tea pairing tips?


I’m a newbie here and maybe there has already been such a discussion, but I haven’t found any really similar one.

More than half of time, especially when alone at home, I drink my tea with some wine. Do some of you share this experience with me? Which are your favourite pairings, and how do you prefer to drink tea this way?

Pairings which work great for me:

1. Tempranillo (or Cabernet Sauvignon, Tannat, Pinot Noir) paired with almost any raw puerh. Just two high-tannin drinks combined together.
2. Zinfandel or Merlot paired with sweet, honey-ish red teas or oolongs (mostly Taiwan): Hong Shui/Dong Ding oolongs, Peng Feng (Dongfang Meiren), Ruby #18, Mi Xiang Hong Cha.

Also I usually use a yunomi chawan bowl which keeps the temperature of your tea ok while you have for a moment left aside your tea to enjoy the wine.

Btw, do you have any pairings involving white wine?

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Psyck said
tea-tokri said

Thanks for recommending our Tea. Appreciate it.

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Teasenz said

Wow, I never thought of pairing wine with tea. Normally people talk about pairing one of those with food. As a tea lover, I do relate the taste of wines to that of tea. I guess that happens naturally.

I can imagine a dry but light white wine doing well with young silver needle white tea. If the white wine is more oaky, perhaps a more savory dian hong black would do ok. If the white wine is quite sweet, perhaps a more nutty dragon well green tea to break the sweet. Not sure if this helps, it could be just my imagination :)

tea-tokri said

Agree with you completely. We would like to try it with white tea. This Wine Tea of ours is with a Black Tea base.

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Pan said

I would actually love to hear more about this and might talk to some of my buddies that are into wine. I’ve been trying to introduce them to tea and they have enjoyed it but I never thought of pairing them together. I’ll try and work something out with them sometime; thanks for the idea!

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