Free tea giveaway

I didn’t want to start a new topic for this just to promote my site, but I couldn’t find any topics properly related to bump up with an announcement. (though in future I’ll try to find this one again and make the announcements here…)

Anyhow…Tea Giveaway #2….this one is sponsored by The Simple Leaf.

Check our website for details…
Entry is open until December 29th.

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chana said

Too bad it’s only for the US. I tweeted before I read the details. :(

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oh, boo. >__< The page isn’t loading for me. cries

Fixed now, we were doing some back office work on the website and a lot of the addresses where changed in the process. Quick, go enter! only 2 days left….


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We’ve randomly picked a winner for this giveaway.

Come see who won and read a short Q&A with him…

You can see the official results for the giveaway here..

If you want to be sure that you get in on the next one, register for our site or follow us on twitter.


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