Ed Fladung said

Tea App for the iPhone

I’ve been using this app for the iPhone for 2 months and I don’t think I could live without it. It keeps track of your tea supplies, you input the teas you have and the quantities, brewing times, per cup quantity of tea and temperatures. Just select a tea, fill the pot and hit brew. It gives a beautiful chime when done and puts you on a page to enter notes about that brew with a rating scale. u can go back, add notes to teas, general notes, review your tea drinking history, the history of a particular tea. And it keeps track of how much teas you have used and warns you when you need to buy more.

Now if it interfaced with Steepster, this would be beyond awesome…

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Ed Fladung said

URL to find the Tea App:


Hi Ed, Sam here, creator of Tea. Thanks so much for your kind words. We have some really fun features in the pipeline.

Ed Fladung said

Hi Sam. Happy to meet you. Thanks for such a wonderful app.

Likewise. Let me know if you have any additional feature requests!

Ed Fladung said

The only one I can think of is to remember settings for repetitive steeps of the same leaves. Typically the only thing I change are the steep times. I use repetitive brews for oolongs, some green teas and some Jasmine teas.

That is coming in the next release.

JasonCT said

Sam I just downloaded this app today and was happy to find it.
The only things I would call to your attentions are the fact that I can’t seem to delete tea entries.
Also, a feature I would love, is some way to export our tea lists (thinking a way to email them to ourselves, others.)
Thanks for this creation and looking forward to the future versions of the app.

Hi Jason, you can delete a tea by swiping your finger across it to make a delete button appear. Sorry that wasn’t more clear in the app.

Ed Fladung said

Some recent thoughts on the Tea App… I recently noticed that there was a new tea that appeared on the top of my tea list Called: Great Tea fron the Great Tea Co. I did not put it there and in trying to get rid of it, I discovered that I could not delete it. I renames it “Z tea” from the “Z tea company” which moved it to the bottom of my list, but when I tried to Add a tea and canceled, it put the same tea back on the top of my list. I again renamed it to the “Z tea company” so now I have two bogus tea entries at the end of my list. How can I get rid of these and why is the program adding bogus tea entries to my list?

Second: A thought for a different way to order teas on the tea list: How about sorting the teas by the number of cups brewed? That way I always have my favorite teas on the first page.

Hi Ed, I’ve shot you an email about this issue. I’m sure we will be able to fix it.

Ed Fladung said

Thanks, Sam. Problems solved!!! Still my all time favorite APP!!!!

James R said

I absolutely love this app, however there is one feature I would love to see. There are times where I have a one-off tea that I want to steep but don’t want to enter it into the app, I would love it if there was also a standalone timer where I could just put a certain amount of time and have the countdown start, no tasting notes no saving the tea. I work in an industry where vendors are often letting me try samples, so I don’t have an inventory of the tea.

If this feature already exists, please let me know how to find it, otherwise I think it would be a great addition to the next release!

Ed Fladung said

There doesn’t seem to be such a feature, but if you add a tea temporarily, you can easily delete it by swiping left to right on it’s entry and the delete button will appear. Useful for those experimental teas…. You might even create an entry for your experiments, select it, set the parameters, add a note at the end and you will have a record of your experiments!!!

I just downloaded this app on my iPad and I have to say I’m loving it so far! Is there an iPad version in TeaApp’s future?

I was just going to say, you know what would be fantastic? iPad compatibility. I’d download it in a HEARTBEAT if I could get it for the iPad.

Are you using Cloud Browse at your pad/phone?
(Apple could not deal with Java without that browser.)
If yes you might try this one too:


Thanks – I use either the Teavana app or steep.it when I’m timing tea on the iPad, because steep.it works in Safari and it’s just easier that way, but I’d love an app that lets you track teas across multiple vendors (which Teavana obviously doesn’t) for the iPad.

Ed Fladung said

A year later I still find this app to be one of my number one apps. As Sam pointed out a while ago they now track multiple pours on the same leaves which allows me to experiment to get the timings I like on a particular tea and Tea App remembers it!!!

I also love the ability to scan my tea drinking history to see what I’ve been drinking over a period of time. Very useful!!!

mrmopar said

i think this app will go one my android as well. looks like a great one.

James R said

I don’t think there is one…It needs to be developed! I would easily pay for an android app with that capability. It isn’t too hard to convert C+ to Java, so if the developer is willing to release the code an Android app could be developed rather quickly.

New Recipe Timer 4 is now a free app. Recipe packs containing tea recipes are available for purchase within the app. http://bit.ly/RecipeTimerApp

I just downloaded 9 tea apps for my iphone! Some free, some paid.
I’m thinking of writing a blog post reviewing them all.

Babble said

This sounds like a great idea!

Contact us if you would like a promo code for Recipe Tea Timer or Recipe Timer+ ([email protected])

I wrote an email to that address, thank you. I’ll probably publish the post on wednesday october 10.

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