Angrboda said

Tea candy

I found tonight on the bottom of a tin these tea flavoured candies that I got in the only ever travelling teabox I’ve participated in (so far) and then chickened out on actually eating them. I tried them tonight which you can read about here:

Has anybody else ever tried tea candies similar to these? What did you think of them?

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Cofftea said

Oolong! Yum! I bought green tea latte candies from my local tea shop that kinda tasted like a caramel green tea to suck on instead of cough drops.

TeaParT said

I agree with your caramel comment. I have the Green Tea Lattes also and every time I’m reminded of Werther’s Hard Candy Caramels.

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Cofftea said

Check out today’s steepster select!

Cofftea said

I actually have the green tea latte candies- just noticed they’re the same brand. Here’s the link to the candy company. Too bad they don’t have chai… And for those of use that are coffee drinkers, they have coffee candies as well.

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Keemun said

…my wife is addicted to tea candies. I hate them.
Either a traditional English tea set in a posh hotel/restaurant or…like the Arabs and Turks do…a handful pistachios or dried fruits (dry plums go great with Earl Grey).

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Rijje said

Aww… I wish I saw this tread before.
I tried some sweets with matcha, and I actually liked it. SingTeHus has a collection of sweets that not only goes well with tea, but also contain tea =)

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