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Is there Dirt in your Pu?

I say my pu smells like roses but others may disagree. For some time now, I have been trying to find out what is causing my uncomfortable stomach and ill effects I have been feeling. Is it me, my diet, or my tea? Well, first, I thought it was the water, then I thought it was my diet and now onto the tea. Lately I was feeling uncomfortable around my diaphragm. As I’ve been cleaning out my gaiwan I’ve noticed lots of tiny grains that make a scratching sound when I run my finger over them. So now instead of using the little tea filter I am using my coffee filter for my pour over which is a Hario V60, once filter lasts at least one session, or life of that tea. The coffee filter is definitely able to filter out all the sediment and does get clogged after a tea or two. Whether I’m loosing essential oil i.e. flavor, I’m not to worried, because now I don’t feel uncomfortable. Unless I drink a shou that turns me into a furnace when it’s 86 degrees here.

tldr; use coffee filters to filter tea and feels better

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Talk to your doc about your gut issues, it could be anything. But generally, you don’t want to tea on an empty stomach. I find drinking lots of young puer will hurt my stomach, it has nothing to do with dirt. I know plenty who do not use a filter, even when gongfuing with a gaiwan.

For dirty puer, it does happen in cheap poor quality puer, especially shou. I found literal muddy sand in my filter but that was utter garbage puer. Sometimes you will find burnt pieces in sheng puer, which is hopefully leaf. Generally, you want to see a clear liquid without major filtering intervention, which indicates a good quality tea. (this isn’t counting a young shou, often those will be cloudy as they need time to settle)

Finally, you find weird stuff in puer more often than others as it is pressed into cakes, so everything is suspended. You see it more than other teas which dust will fall to the bottom of the bag/tin.

mrmopar said

What kind are you drinking? Poorly sanitized shou processes can give you a stomach ache for sure. Empty stomach can make it hard to handle as well.

wobudong said

yes, that’s generally good advice

Sand/dust even the hairs from the tea much less the fact that consuming this product means that you have willing chose to consume something coming from parts of the world that aren’t known for their sanitation standards. I don’t think I have consumed a tea in the almost 3 years I have dived into this hobby, and not have had some sort of foreign piece without being the tea itself. This category of tea is obviously…well known for these things. I simply introduced an idea, I think you might try it before analyzing.

I forgot to mention, you should always rinse your coffee filters before as you do with everything else. (not your face or other body parts. caution: hot water is hot)

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