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Free Tea Timer

I had a bad habit of over steeping most of the time. Not on purpose but because I would get busy and forget. So I went looking for a computer app to time my brew. Adiago has one that allows you to create some custom presets as well as presets for their blends. Its free but takes up too much room on my screen while I’m working. Another I found on the net was called tea timer but the sound it made when it reached zero was too loud and annoying for the office. If it had a volume function I didn’t see it.

Then I found the Free Light Timer (http://softbynx.com/product/info/nxfreelighttimer/) It is extremely simple. No bells or whistles. No instructions. Just a simple little timer I can place in the corner of my screen that flashes and quietly and unannoyingly tells me time is up.

Thought this might be of value to someone out there like me who is too busy to pay attention. If you find or know of a better timer program I would be interested in hearing about it. I think Google has some desktop gadgets for this but I couldn’t figure out how to download them on one computer and move to another. We have a zero tolerance Internet policy at work. No Steepster for me unless I am home.

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kanata said

If you have a mac I know there is a computer app called “Cuppa” I think that I heard was great. Simple, easy to use. Can adjust for what tea you put in. Don’t think there is a PC version tho.

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You will find an online/offline app at:
:: http://home.arcor.de/j.smolka/ibs/teatimer.html :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
:: http://home.arcor.de/j.smolka/ibs/programme/teeuhr/TeeUhr.jnlp

Enjoy ;)

If the online version will satisfy your needs, I could build an offline software with the full functionality – but the sound switched off – especially for you.

Beforehand we should talk about how to install it on your computer at work.

Send me an email or pm if you are interested.


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Ricky said

We like to use the mac widget, Minutes.


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