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If you reconsider ask me about checking into it at the tea in the ancient world FB blog page, and I’ll either ask in an international themed FB group that I helped found and admin for (international tea talk—oddly there are two of those though), or I can check directly with someone if that location rings a bell.

Four people into tea in Mexico come to mind (although names stopped sticking a long time ago, in general, one reason I write a blog, to keep track). This post names a couple of them, but there are two other really solid leads I turned up after writing this:


There is one other really novel story to be told about tea in Mexico, not unlike the really cool story to be told about tea in the Philippines I’ve not fully shaken out yet. I should probably focus on tying up some loose ends this year; the two research projects I put the most time into are also stalled.

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suzette said

Nice interview! Mexico is a very interesting place. I have seen very little of the country but my impression is that the group we would call “middle class” is quite small now, but growing, and its that middle class that drives trends in the country. But most Mexicans are still quite poor. Consider that the offical minimum wage is only 60 pesos (about $3) per day and it’s easy to see that luxury goods like tea and coffee will take some time to take hold as daily habits.

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Can’t provide feedback on the Harney and Sons teas as I’ve only had a few of their things, but I can offer another option for “one stop shopping” if you’re interested. Smith Teamaker in Portland ships internationally and they are a good “one stop shop” for black, wulong, green, white, pu’er, herbal, and flavored teas. They sell most of them either bagged or loose.

Either way, happy drinking!

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Gitana said

Thank you for the recommendation. I have heard good things about Smith’s, but yikes they are a wee bit pricey for my retired butt! I placed an order with H&S. Tasty and drinkable.

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Paris is really wonderful. A sure bet.
I have just made an order for London Fog, Golden Monkey, and Black Current…will let you know how those go.

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Arby said

I have not tried any of their straight teas, but I really like their Vanilla comoro (decaf vanilla black tea) and decaf Paris.

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