Hi guys, I know I havent been on here in Forever But i’m still around lol
Has anybody had Masico from Tao of Tea??
I don’t remember buying but obvioulsy I did and I don’t know what to do with it….
On the website it looks like Grainules or a ctc kinda BUT what i got Looks like Matcha its a Powder lol
Have you had it?
How do I Prepare it?

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I see now it say online Powdered Form. I guess i make it like a Matcha, idk

mrmopar said

Hi there old friend! Good to see ya!

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Gitana said

You made me curious so I looked it up. Tao of Tea says an alternative name is “Ramon nut”. Googling Ramon nut powder yelled the following brewing instructions:

Common Use: Roasted ramon has a coffee-like flavour with hints of cocoa and is enjoyed by OM staff as a warm beverage. To make, just add one heaping teaspoon of powder to one cup of hot water and steep for 10 to 15 minutes. Straining is optional. Roasted ramon blends well with other sweet and nutty flavours such as maca, carob, cinnamon, and mint.


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