Wu Yi Oolongs and Yunnan Sourcing

Recently I began a dive into the world of Yunnan Sourcing Wu Yi Oolongs.
I would love further suggestions from those in the Steepster community.
Scott was very helpful and made a few recommendations.

I Loved:
-Buddha’s Hand “Fo Shou” Wu Yi Rock Oolong Tea * Spring 2016
-Phoenix Village “Mi Xiang” Shui Xian Oolong.
I also ordered the Wu Yi Shan “Bai Ji Guan” Rock Oolong Tea Spring 2017 but did not like the taste.

I could order what I’ve tasted and enjoyed but want to continue exploring what’s out there..

Wondering if anyone might have some suggestions as to which Yunnan Sourcing Wu Yi Oolongs I should try next?

Any thoughts would be much appreciated,


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