Lawyerisms said

Matcha storage

I am new to matcha and am planning to make some matcha pinnacle from teaopia but how should I store the mathcha?

Some say in a fridge others say in a cupboard; I’m not sure which one will keep my matcha freshest. I am worried about storing the matcha in the fridge because of wide temperature fluctuations due to taking the matcha out to prepare it then placing it back in the fridge.

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I keep mine in the air tight container it came in and have it tucked away in my tea cabinet. Seems to do the trick for me.

darby select said

I do the same. I’ve had one open for almost a year with no problems.

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brandy3392 said

Would small glass canning jars work for storing matcha? I’m thinking about getting some of these, then covering the glass with paper or paint. They would be stored in a cool, dark cabinet.

They would probably be fine, although a tin with a rubber or silicone seal is better, as it’ll keep the tea fresher. Glass jars are fine as long as they’re out of direct sunlight though.

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