Cold Matcha and Chia Drink

I have been experimenting with a new way to get more chia in my life, and recently added them to my afternoon drink. For quite a while now, I have been using my shaker bottle (the kind you’d use to mix protein powder) to make a cold matcha concoction. Last week I decided to add chia seeds to the mix. It adds a fun texture to my go-to afternoon beverage, akin to bubble tea.

I’ve been playing with when to add my constituent ingredients. The chia seeds need to soak at least ten minutes. On my first round I soaked the chia seeds (1 tbsp. in 8oz of water) then added 1tsp of matcha. The chia had absorbed so much water that the matcha didn’t blend in well, and was gritty when I drank it. I’ve since mixed the matcha and chia together in ~12oz water to let sit 10 min or so before drinking. This seems to be bringing out more bitterness from the matcha. Moving forward I may let the chia seeds soak in 8 oz water, then add another 4 oz along with matcha to the mix right before drinking.

Anybody else try anything similar?

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Babble said

No but this sounds fun. Keep us posted.

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This does sound like fun – just make sure you are using quality matcha to avoid that bitter taste ;)

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I haven’t tried this before, but I have made matcha many times and a chia pudding concoction (without matcha) several times.

I would try the following:
1. Start with a good matcha that is tasty on its own prepared in the Usucha style.
2. Soak the chia seeds in water (or milk) overnight.
3. When ready, whisk up your matcha with about 2 ounces of water until it is frothy, mix in a few more ounces of water (2-4), and then an equivalent amount of the chia concoction (so, if you have 6 ounces in total of matcha, add 6 ounces of chia).
4. Mix well and enjoy immediately.

Again – I’ve never experimented with this, but this is how I would start it off. Good Luck!

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