Tea chest for tea that's bigger than a teabag?

For reasons of both convenience and limited cabinet space, I usually keep a fair amount of tea out on my counter.

I’d like to move them from their current utilitarian plastic bin into a nice wooden tea chest—but the tea chests I can find for sale all seem to be built for Lipton- or Bigelow-size tea bags.

I’d love to find something with a higher lid and a more flexible internal arrangement, that would allow me to store and organize:

+ Larger tea envelopes like the ones I get from Smith Teamaker, about 2 1/2 × 4 1/2 inches
+ Small tea boxes from Murchie’s, about the same
+ Larger envelopes of loose tea from places like Verdant and Simpson & Vail
+ Larger boxes from places like TeaPigs
+ Other miscellaneous teas, probably packed into Altoid-sized or similar tins for storage.

Anyone have a solution that works for them? Any ideas, other than breaking out a saw and building my own?

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You might have luck browsing aromatherapy/essential oil storage chests, makeup storage organizers, chests/organizers for card games such as Magic the Gathering, or boxes for art supplies like fine pastels and paints.

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Gitana said

A recipe card box would work well. You can get the for 5×7 or 6×8 and in many styles, including wood.

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Anyone interested, I ended up going with this box, the Multikeep from Cookbook People:


So far, I’m pretty happy. The inside is very customizable; I can fit the small boxes in on their sides, and the large Smith envelopes fit in as long as they’re not too crowded together.

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