How many cups?

How many cups of tea do you drink each day? I’ve just realized that I’ve overdone it today and yesterday. I’ve been feeling extremely jittery and on-edge and now realize I’m drinking about 7 cups of white or green tea a day. For me that’s a lot and I must cut down.

Anyone know which teas contain the least caffeine (aside from herbal teas)?

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I find green tea to be the least caffeinated usually but It really depends on the tea. There’s a lot of literature out there about caffeine in tea and much of it is completely wrong. For example, I’m pretty sensitive to caffeine and was surprised at the strong reaction I got to white teas. White was always said to have the least caffeine. Turns out to be all lies. Some whites can be more caffeinated than some blacks.
There’s an earlier topic entitled “tea myths” or something that discussed this.

Long story short, stick to decaf or regulate the tea you drink throughout the day. I may start the day with oolong and end with rooibos or herbal. If I drink black or white teas, I do it on the AM and stick to herbals for the rest of the day. It’s tough when caffeine comes in such tasty forms. :/ thank goodness for rooibos and honeybush. And herbals. And spices.

Hi Mercury, yes I’ve read that white tea can actually contain more caffeine than most other teas, and I notice the effect it has on me. A shame because I ADORE white tea. I try to avoid decaf because of the chemicals I’m told are used to decaffeinate it. However I’m a big fan of Tulsi (Holy Basil) tea and other herbal teas so I guess it’s time to drink more of those and a little less green and white. I’ve been making a nice infusion of hibiscus flowers, rose petals and orange peel which is, of course, caffeine-free (and delicious) :-)

While some decaffeinating methods use potentially harmful chemicas, I think the CO2 method is considered natural and safe. Caffeine is basically removed with pressurized CO2. See this link for details: (scroll down a bit)
You can always check with the seller on the method they use. :) it’ll increase your options. I had to decrease my white tea consumption too. It’s sad cause I love it too.

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I drink a lot of tea each day, I try to drink black teas and caffeinated Herbals (guayusa and yerba mate) earlier in the day, and then I move on to green, Oolong and white which I find do not affect me with caffeine as much. Yellow is quite light on caffeine also. I personally find that green is a bit more invigorating than Oolong, white or yellow.

I haven’t tried Yellow Tea yet LiberTEAS. Is there a particular one you might recommend?

I really like the Farm Fresh HuoShan from Chi of Tea. I recently tried the Huo Shan from Mark T. Wendell and it was superb. The Ancient Yellow Buds from Rishi is also spectacular. Can’t go wrong with any one of those three.

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I’ve been known to drink 12+ cups when I’m home…sadly no amount of caffeine seems to have any effect on me

Ninavampi said

I identify… No amount of caffeine will affect me. This can be a double sided weapon. I can drink any tea, at any time, but if I am sleepy, and want to stay awake, there is nothing that can save me…

Uniquity said

**Joining the club. Mostly, it’s a blessing as I can enjoy black teas, mates and guayusa whenever I feel like it, but when I’m tired, I’m gone.

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I probably drink 8-10 cups of tea a day (cups being 8 oz) – however some of that is herbal tea without caffeine, also if you drink tea that’s blended with herbs or something else you will automatically get less caffeine too. Also you could switch to decaf – hee hee.

I actually have read that the amount of caffeine really depends on the tea and how it is processed, so to say that white tea automatically has less caffeine, for instance is really a myth. Green tea seems to get me totally wired so I don’t know. I was like you and feeling jittery and yucky with too much.

I’m like Mercuryhime in that I usually drink my straight teas in the morning but by lunchtime I’ve moved onto blends or herbals and at night. I like tulsi too and different herbs like lemongrass, ginger and chamomile. There are definitely some dessert teas you can get with no caffeine as well… Good luck! :)

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I heard from someone that certain body types cannot handle certain teas. It has something to do with the traditional Chinese medicine theory. Heat and cold must be considered. Green is for people with heat and blacks and oolongs are better for those with a cold body type. Of course excess does not always lead to the palace of wisdom….

Hi Charles, yes I study TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and all of that is true.

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Hi Precious, I hope you can find your comfort zone in the wonderful world of tea….

Thanks Charles. Well I just stuck to just 3 cups of my favourite white tea today. I feel less jittery :-)

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Which tea was making you jittery? Whatever it is avoid it or decrease it….

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9-15 cups per day average :P

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It depends on the day, but I typically drink at least 3 (10-12 oz) cups daily, or if I’m doing gongfu, I’ll have anywhere from 8-20 infusions. I don’t like consuming caffeine if I can avoid it, but lately as I’ve been learning to appreciate tea for its own flavor profile and as a relaxation tool, I have noticed that I think less about caffeine. It seems that I’m not affected by it, or that I only am if I think a lot about it…but also, much of the tea that I drink that does have caffeine is re-steeped throughout the day (gongfu or otherwise). Caffeine-wise, it works a lot better to keep using the same leaves—plus, it makes the tea more interesting.

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Miss Alex said

Typically I have two or three 12oz cups a day of a caffeinated tea and one or two of a non-caffeinated tea. I’m a bit caffeine sensitive, so I find anything more than that typically gives me the jitters and I start breaking things.

Smashed teacups for everyone! Opa!

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