Temperature-Variable Kettle

Hey all.

I want to buy a temperature-variable kettle and just found this on Amazon. Anyone have any experience with this model, or know of one that is as inexpensive?


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Wonks said

I really like the Aromas. This will be my next purchase. Though I am intrigued about the Melitta. I wonder how accurate it’s temp is.


There’s also another thread on this same thing. Link is below.

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rmark25 said

I’ve had the Cuisinart Kettle since Christmas and I really like it. Just press a button for each type of tea plus French press Coffee. I guess you can’t punch in your own temp like some others do, but I really don’t care. The kettle itself removes from the base & cord, so you can keep it anywhere. holds the temp for 30 minutes & automatically shuts off if the water evaporates. really convenient


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