Best Affordable Sencha?

I’m pretty new to the world of tea, but I’ve already found Japanese Senchas to be my absolute favorite. So far, my favorite that I have tried is from Harney and Sons. I’m still in high school, so needless to say I have a very tight tea budget. I was just wondering what sencha you guys consider to be the best balance between quality and price. Just so you know, I am a huge fan of the vegetal aspect of sencha. So what is the best bang for my buck? Thanks so much.

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I’d go with Organic Sencha from Den’s or their basic Fukamushi:

I also suggest you check out the site –

You can definitely search the forums there… many people have asked the same question.

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Wonks said

I recently did a review of a cheap whole leaf (surprising quality actually) sencha from Uncle Lee. I hated it, but I also hate the vegetal aspect of teas… so naturally I didn’t like it, but if that’s what you like then you may want to give this inexpensive tea a try.

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Cannabuzz said

One word. Den’s.

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I love the Sencha from Culinary Teas. They may use a different supplier, but OMG I’m in heaven with their Long Island Strawberry Sencha. Knocks your socks off – sandals too. :) It’s delicious!

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Thanks guys, I’ll check those out. I’ve heard good things about Den’s. And I’m really glad to hear you say that the sencha from Culinary Teas is good, I was considering that – I was just skeptical because for a sencha, it’s dirt cheap.

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