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DC said

I don’t but I own something similar, when I brew black teas, the leaves tends to seep through, plus 400 ml is a lot to pour out if I want to drain it all to avoid over-steeping.
My fairness cups are around 250ml max so this wouldn’t work for me, but your consumption habits might differ from mine.
Opine if you want to get something around 400ml, should get something that you remove the tea from the water rather than the other way round.

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ssajami said

Although called something else on this site, this looks just like a french press. I don’t use one myself, but I have heard many do use one to brew tea. Apparently, once the plunger is pressed it does not continue brewing. However, that notion always seemed a bit dubious to me.

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K S said

This is not a French press. It does not have a plunger. It is a filter attached to the lid. I do use a press that is about the same size. I used a marker to indicate the fill line for my mug. Works great. My thought on this particular one is the handle looks delicate. A reverse press like the IngenuiTEA drains the tea out the bottom leaving the leaf. I have always been concerned it would eventually leak. This unit, like a French press, you pour off the water, trapping the leaf behind. If you do not pour off all the water with any of these the tea will continue to steep. This is glass, not plastic, a big plus with me. A side note, a French press does not actually press the leaf – there is quite a bit of room between the bottom of the caraffe and the plunger.

If the handle on this is stronger than it looks it should work great.

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