Amount of Tea to include in Swaps

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If you’re me, you arrive at the Post Office with nothing but your tea in hand and end up having to package it with a pink bubble wrap envelope with matching pink address label! Do post offices not just sell white envelopes anymore??

Oh wait I think you meant literally package the tea, not mail it, huh… I put my tea in the tea filter bag things, then put those in a snack baggy then put that baggy in another baggy to hopefully keep the scents separate. Then I label with tea name, brewing directions and amount contained in bag. I like using the filter bags so they can brew it in a pot straight from there, or use it by the tsp otherwise.

Not that I’m an expert by any definition of the word!!!

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Uniquity said

I usually just use small food grade ziplocs (like for snacks) or the original packaging. I like to wrap each one up in tissue paper or something like that to keep them seperate and hopefully avoid smells crossing, but I think that’s hard to get around without professional (or extremely redundant) packaging. Then it all gets wrapped up in bubble wrap, stuck in an evelope or box and off in the post.

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K S said

In the hobby section of WalMart I found a package of around 200 ziplock baggies 3″×4″ for about $2. I don’t know if they would do for long term storage but for sending samples it should work fine. In fact they look just like the baggies many of my samples have arrived in.

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