Feeling weird every time after drinking green tea

I don’t know why but I feel weird each and every time I drink green tea. No matter what sort of green tea. It is hard to explain, but I always get this kind of feeling of energy moving up to my head. My vision dramatically improves so does my senses. Still I find it unpleasant. Such thing rarely happens to me after black tea. I did some research about Qi energy-tea relation. In TCM it is said that green tea move the energy upwards and outwards, while black tea promotes downward and inward energy distribution. Maybe this theory has some grain of truth in it. Otherwise I don’t know.

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LuckyMe said

Hard to tell if green tea is making you feel sick or tea drunk. Are you drinking it on an empty stomach? That can cause you to feel its effects more deeply.

Try cutting down the amount of leaf or if you’re drinking matcha, use less powder or maybe have it with milk.

What’s the difference between feeling sick (because of tea) and tea drunk? Aren’t they similar in symptoms?

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boychik said

I feel the same way with green teas. This is why I mostly avoid it. And I never drink any tea on empty stomach. I guess it’s just not for me but there are so many other teas I drink and they are wonderful!

So it seems like I am not the one with that particular problem. I am a heavy tea drinker, but I keep to black tea. Green tea makes me feel detached, wired, foggy in head. Nothing calms me down yet pick me up as a good ol’ black tea.

boychik said

I drink a lot of puerh, yancha and roasted oolong. And they make me feel great!

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