Reviewing a Lao Man E huang pian shou (compared with others)

Lots of the teas I review seem interesting to me, but this one was a little different, a yellow leaf / huang pian Lao Man E shou pu’er. It’s a commission produced tea by the Moychay vendor. I tasted it along with two of their other shou’s. I’ll add Steepster format reviews on here too, and include a short version here.

The Lao Man E huang pian version was milder, different, with an interesting spice and wood aspect, along the lines of sandalwood. It had the thickest feel and most aftertaste of any shou I’ve tried, and was a lot more subtle than most, an unusual mix. The one other from Yongde was lighter and sweeter, with a touch of cocoa and a little towards fruit, and the third from Menghai was a bit earthier, not far off tar or petroleum, which faded into a Guiness-stout like creaminess a couple of infusions in.

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