Golestan tea from Iran

I just had some that a friend of mine brought from Iran. It’s amazing. I was wondering if anyone knew of it or where I can buy some here in the States. Maybe Canada online? Thanks.

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hmmm… Its quite rare like turkish, and georgian teas that are normally sold in middle eastern stores. I got a 500g bag of Turkish Black tea from India sweet and spices store and have not found any other store selling or online besides the company that produced the tea. I recommend to tell your friend to give more of the good stuff and possibly get you a good stash from Iran if he travels back. Otherwise, you may have to search middle eastern stores or online website like Adagio, Upton, DavidsTeas, etc. If that does not work then you can link up with people here who swaps teas that may have friends who carries Iranian tea! Enjoy!

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