Max Weldam said

Best high quality source for Yerba Mate

Hi everyone. I’m looking for Yerba Mate, whole leaf, although I can’t find it anywhere. Would love to get it somewhere as close to source as possible.
Is Yerba Mate processed in a way that the leaves have to be broken? I find it really weird I can’t find it whole leaf anywhere.

Thanks for your help!

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Just from reading this link, I don’t think you’re going to get whole-leaf yerba mate anywhere, unless you grow your own. A quick pass through wikipedia shows that YM is a holly relative, so that’s a thick and waxy leaf. I wouldn’t expect very much flavor to leach out of a whole leaf.

Max Weldam said

Thanks Gingerbread, it makes sense, I’ll try out the different countries variations on Yerba and see what fits me best.

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