pink smog said

anyone heard of raku raku matcha??

hey guys :)

so i know there’s a lot of matcha lovers on here and was wondering if anyone has heard of raku raku matcha (maccha on the container)? i got it at our local asian supermarket and it’s my first time trying matcha. i was surprised how much i liked the taste (granted, i don’t know if it’s “good” matcha, but i think it’s delicious…), but from what little i know about matcha it seems that it should be a bright green, and this stuff is more a forrest green. one of my friends was able to decipher that the label said it could be made both cold and hot (i usually make it cold and it works out perfectly). should i assume the darker color means it’s lower quality, or that it might be from it being temp. versatile? it says it is ceremonial grade and was one of the more expensive matchas at the store, though i’m not sure that means much. anyone ever tried raku raku or have any ideas on the color/quality?


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khsheehan said

Remember this, the only important thing about tea is that you enjoy it. If you do, you’ve already got what you want. That being said, the best way to determine if a matcha is higher quality is through color of the powder and (typically) how frothy it is when whisking it. Matcha tends to be better the more vibrant the color. This comes from the fact that when matcha is made it is grown in shade before it is picked, this will produce a brighter leaf and a brighter matcha. The darker the matcha is, the more it has been oxidized.

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