TeaWorld rendez-vous, the first european meeting about tea!

The Tea community is a huge community. We noticed your interest and passion for tea. That’s why we want to announce you the launching of the first European Tea fair, TeaWorld rendez-vous© in Brussels (Belgium), from the 5th to the 7th of May, at Tour&Taxis.

Tea has not finished delivering all of its secrets…

Are you a tea lover? Do you wish to discover its history, flavors, benefits and rituals? The TeaWorld rendez-vous© offers you the opportunity to do so during the first international meeting around tea in Brussels. From the 5th to the 7th of May 2012, enjoy the spring flush and travel through different cultures. Tea professionals from various countries will be present to initiate you to the most consumed beverage in the world after water. Many exhibitors will awaken your senses to the subtle flavors of green tea, to the finest Indian Darjeeling or to the Taiwanese Oolong.

Tea is also a local culture mixing rituals and traditions. You will be allowed to discover this art of living through numerous conferences and ceremonies, organized by well-known tea experts. Do not miss this opportunity and participate now to this gustative adventure.

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And for more information, we invite you to go on www.teaworld.me.

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Angrboda said

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!! I wish I wasn’t so scared of travelling! Don’t think I could have made it this year anyway, but still!

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Oh :(
Where do you come from? It might be a good excuse to travel and to come to visit Europe :)

Angrboda said

Denmark, so it’s in the relative vicinity, but there are other factors this year which prohibit it, like for example my wedding. :)

Ooh! Wedding! Seems like a solid excuse not to make it. ;)

Congratulations a bit in advance!

Angrboda said

Thank you Dinahsaur. :)

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I wish I could make this! I’ll be in the UK at the end of May and have no way to afford either the additional plane tickets or the additional time off work…. maybe next time!

Oh that’s sad.
But if you have friends or connections interested in coming to the meeting, spread the world! :)

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Itsyknits said

Oh uh!! I can definitely go!!! I was planning to go belgium soon anyway, needed to see my aunt there, perfect!! Can’t wait!! Anyone else going?? I’d love to meet up!

Angrboda said

I would have liked to meet up, had I been able to go. Make sure to tell us about it afterwards if you go! :)

Itsyknits said

will do!

Nice to know you’ll come Maisonlula ! I saw you are a blogger, where could I find your blog?

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