Bok said

Teapots FS (Vintage Yixing and Taiwanese woodfired)

Hello everyone, my first post here on Steepster.

Some might know from other tea geek places like Teachat or Teaforum, where I use the smae username as here, Bok.

Hope no one takes it the wrong way that my first post is a swap. I did not find anything in the Read me, but if that is not appropriate, I apologise.

I am looking to make some space in my shelves and have a few pieces for sale if anyone is interested.

I live in Taiwan, so all items will be shipped from there.

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Bok said

Teapot 1:
Wood-fired side handle kyusu from Taiwan, 140ml, 200USD +shipping:

Teapot 2:
Vintage shuiping 140ml, 100USD +shipping:

Teapot 3:
Vintage Biandeng, 80ml, 100USD +shipping:

Teapot 4:
Shino glazed teapot, Taiwanese clay, 140ml, 60USD +shipping:

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