Asaf Mazar said

lan gui ren (ginseng licorice oolong)

any recommendations on where to buy top quality lan gui ren?
I need a place that ships international.

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It looks like TeaSpring might be your best bet. I’ve never had this type of tea, but TeaSpring has received fairly good ratings, and their shipping is remarkably cheap ($4/worldwide).

I’ve never heard of this tea prior to now, and now I’m kind of intrigued :)

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Oh man! You’re in luck! Teavivre just posted a topic saying that they started stocking this exact tea!



Price looks great! YOu can get a sample to be sure you like it and Teavivre ships worldwide at a decent price. :)

I just saw that, how weird and random.

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Asaf Mazar said

Thanks Dylan and Mercury. Wow, $4 worldwide shipping!

Seems like there are two typical versions of this tea: chinese ginseng+licorice,
and american ginseng version as currently stocked on teavivire.

FYI, generally, you should avoid anything with ginseng if you have a cold, flu, or simillar acute illness.

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