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Grocery Outlet/SF Bay Area deals on tea

I started this thread so that I, and other local folks, can post local deals/promotions on tea in the San Francisco Bay Area. Most of my alerts will probably mostly be from Grocery Outlet, either the Oakland location at 29th and Broadway or the Berkeley location at 4th Street, as well as other East Bay retailers, but I will keep an eye towards the Bay Area at large and I hope that anyone with a hot deal/promotion happening anywhere from Vallejo to San Jose will alert the rest of us.

I just got back from Grocery Outlet Oakland, where they have an assortment of Zhena’s Iced Teas on sale for 1.99/tin. I got Strawberry Osmanthus (black), Blueberry Acai (herbal), Pineapple Green (green), Mango Ginger White (white), Goji Berry Pomegranate (green).

As always, Grocery Outlet has closeouts that go quickly, so hurry down if you’re into it. It’s still a bit too cold for iced tea for me, esp. with the torrential rain we’ve got right now, but I’ve definitely stocked up for warmer weather. Can’t wait to try them.

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drhiphop said

Just back from Grocery Outlet, Berkeley. Got Saphara White Tea with Schizandra, and Saphara Premier Estate Assam, both organic. They also had a few Celestial Seasonings decaf greens, which weren’t my cup of tea, but they’re available.

They also have all of the Zhena’s Iced Teas I mentioned in my previous post, as well as a few Romance Samplers (Coconut Chai, Pom and Petals, Red Lavender, Gypsy Rose) left.

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