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Hi I just did an in depth review of Tea Magazine on my blog www.iHeartTeasTheBlog.com it is specifically talking about how the magazine is now available in digital format. I hope it helps.

Azzrian said

Thats cool I will throughly check it out once I get caught up here at the home. :)

Janefan said

“not” = typo for “now”?

Glad to see it’s in digital. I need to give digital mags a try, because I don’t seem to ever pick up a paper one anymore. Even the 1 or 2 I subscribe to seem to sit around for months without being read.

Thanks Janefan I have corrected it. :) As for your comment I totally agree. I have a few print magazines and while I have these great intentions to read them I rarely get to them. There is a clear advantage to digital magazines especially with my life style.

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Erin said

Here is a commercial/trade magazine that I ran across:


It is meant for the business market, but it has some good articles in it that I think everyone would enjoy. And some beautiful photography. Best of all, it is free on-line.

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