Tea vs. Coffee...Can't we all just get along?

I love tea, obviously, but I also love coffee. Counter Culture Coffee is organic coffee with a bit of a twist (fruity or floral) taste and it’s just wonderful. To me it tastes like a mate with an array of fruits. Point is, every time I mention I order tea or coffee the people I’m with are rather confused.

“I thought you were a tea person?” One would say.
“No, no, she’s all about coffee,” says another.

When I tell people I love both they wonder how I can love both. I quip something like, “well I’m just more versatile than you,” ha ha but this tends to annoy people seemingly. Haha.

Anyways, do you guys like both or do you pick a side?

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Zeks said

While I can enjoy an occasional cup I grow tired of coffee rather quickly. So I mostly drink tea.

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SimplyJenW said

I used to be a heavy coffee drinker, and I may have it on a rare occasion. I obviously am on the side of tea, now. It is just a preference. I am the only tea drinker in a family of coffee drinkers. I don’t dislike it, I just would rather be drinking tea.

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No reason the two sides can’t get along! Appreciation of anything deepens possible appreciation of all others, in my experience.

Personally, I don’t drink coffee, but it’s not a moral issue. I just have a very low bitter tolerance, and I find it often upsets my stomach (especially if I smell it while traveling, oddly enough).
But most of my family members are coffee lovers first who happen to enjoy good tea when I make it for/with them.

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Andie select said

I can’t stand the taste of coffee but I do love how it smells..

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Angrboda said

I’ve never really understood the whole ‘if-you-drink-tea-you-can’t-drink-coffee’ and vice versa attitude myself. To me it’s a bit like saying if you like cake you can’t possibly like ice cream as well. It makes no sense, really. Just because one may have a preference doesn’t mean they automatically dislike the alternative.

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momo said

I drink both, but I prefer to have tea. I’ve also never understood why it has to be either/or in so many people’s minds. They’re very different, I think, but I have a friend who works for a roastery so I’ve learned a lot more about coffee than I thought I ever would.

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I drink both, but I find that I don’t usually drink both at the same time. I’ll get really into coffee and drink it exclusively for a few weeks. Then I quit coffee and only drink tea for a while. I go back and forth and see no reason to choose only one. Do what makes you happy! :)

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Missy said

I drink both. I see no reason to only appreciate one type of drink. That would be the equivalent of only enjoying one type of food. I generally have a cup of coffee in the morning and tea for the rest of the day. Tea, being a bit easier on my stomach and lighter in the caffeine department, allows me to enjoy it later in the day.

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Azzrian said

I enjoy both although now I am far more on my tea kick and it is healthier although a dark cup of coffee, like dark chocolate, or a red wine is good for you too BUT all things in moderation right? My issue is I have no moderation with tea lol.
Somedays however I need a good turkish coffee or moka from a real moka pot.

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I’ve been lurking around this site without contributing for far too long. The tea vs. coffee debate is a very interesting one, as there are more similarities than differences between the two. I read an interesting annecdote from the author James Norwood Pratt, who seems to be somewhat of an authority on the subject. He suggests that the tea vs. coffee debate is more of a perpetuated urban myth — and that the real opposition to coffe and tea is soda, especially in the United States. The real issue that creates a disparity between coffee and tea is the way coffee is marketed and sold (ie: starbucks) makes it difficult to choose tea even when they offer it. As the tea is over-steeped in boiling hot water when they could just as easily take the same care in tea preparation as they do with espresso. However, Pratt goes on to mention other establishments that are paying heed to both coffe and tea with great success. I feel it’s important to remember tea is the beverage consumed throughout the world most, and soda is pushed by corporate entities and seems to be just a carrier for corn syrup and other sugars. Coffee and Tea drinkers unite!

“the real opposition to coffe and tea is soda” Amen!
The real conflict is not between fine drinks, but between fine drinks and junk food!

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