Ceylon Nuwara Eliya vs Ceylon Uva: Which is better?

Which one should I try? Which tastes better?

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Personally speaking, I think that overall I’ve enjoyed teas from Nuwara Eliya more than from Uva – though if you’re looking at Ceylonese teas in general my favourite areas are Subaragamuwa (this one especially), Rahuna, and Kandy.

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These are both growing regions, not producers, so there is no “better.” There are good and meh teas from both regions.

That being said, I think a good Nuwara Eliya is more representative of good Ceylon tea: bright and citrusy.

But they differ in taste, don’t they? And tea growing regions impacts overall quality and taste.

But it’s not true to say “just because it comes from region A it’s better than region B,” even if region A has generally better product than region B.

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