Tea Lattes

Do any of you enjoy an iced latte made with tea? I used some of our Shaolin Jasmine Green Tea to brew one up. Was great, milk, sugar and tea. Simple, but refreshing.


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Mark B select said

I’m all about the occasional matcha green tea latte. Generally I don’t drink them cold, but I don’t see why I couldn’t make it a little stronger and then blend it up with some ice.

My Recipe:

- 1 tsp Matcha tea powder (sifted)
- 8 oz. 150-155°F water
- 8 oz. Vanilla Almond Milk (soy milk or 1% milk, sweetened or non depending on preference)
- Agave (optional)

Using a standard cappuccino machine I heat and froth the milk of my choice in a frothing cup. I usually go with unsweetened almond milk and prefer to add sweetener after the fact, if I feel it is necessary. Once I get the milk to temperature (I do this by feel) and have a nice dense foam on the top, I sift 1 even teaspoon of matcha into a large warmed bowl style coffee mug. I whisk in the water as you would preparing standard matcha. I then introduce the milk, holding back the milk foam with a spoon. I stir and taste. At this point I may introduce sweetener, depending on the quality of the matcha. If all is well I will then top the latte off with the remaining foam and enjoy! I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t just pour this over ice, or blend it with, and drink cold.

Doesn’t vanilla milk work so good?! Have you ever used a milk frother that’s independent from a cappuccino machine?

Mark B select said

Yeah, my wife has one of those Bodum handheld frothers which works great! If I were doing an iced matcha, or ice matcha blended, I probably wouldn’t even bother heating the milk.

Too sweet for me these days, but how about a Thai Iced Matcha Green Tea?? Prep your matcha, maybe a little on the stronger side, pour over ice then top it with some condensed milk? I can see the beautiful color in my minds eye….

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teawade said

I agree with Mark about using pre-sweetened Matcha green tea powder. I usually drink it cold and with original soy milk and blend it with some ice. Add some whipped cream and there you have it! I would love to try one in a latte form on a cold day.

Doesn’t the whipped cream add such a great topper to make the perfect drink!

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I typically make a cold matcha latte myself. I put in about 3 scoops (1 teaspoon per scoop) of sifted matcha powder into my chawan, add a scoop of brown sugar, a splash of vanilla, and 1% or 2% milk (depending on what we have at the moment). I whisk it up with a bamboo whisk until frothy and enjoy!

Hmmm, brown sugar… Now that is something I’ve never tried. But that’s about to change!

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I really like chai lattes, and Adagio’s Coconut black is fantastic with a bit of sugar and lots of frothy milk :)

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I have no way to steam milk, curses!

A way I’ve seen it done is to heat 2% milk over the stove, and then put it into a blender. You will get finer bubbles than you would with a steamer but it does create a quick foam.

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teapot1 said

I happen to live in the Cali desert, so cold concoctions begin to taste good as the temps warm a bit…
Lime Chiffon Chai~
1.5 tsp Lime Chiffon
.5 tsp Rooibos Chai
Steep 5-7 minutes in appox. 1/2 cup filtered water. Sweeten as desired and mix into 6 oz unsweetened plain almond milk on ice. :):):)

Aren’t you just in love with the lime chiffon? Soooo amazing.

teapot1 said

Yes, it is wonderful!!! I’m almost ashamed to have mixed anything with it, but I was in the mood to experiment.

This sounds amazing. Will have to try mixing lime chiffon and almond milk.

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When I want to make something different I love making latte’s. Here are a couple I’ve posted…
1) Coconut Cheesecake Honeybush Latté (Used 52Teas) – http://bit.ly/150CxQU
2) My Coconut & Honey Matcha Latté Recipe – http://bit.ly/GQPbnr
3) How I Made My Matcha Latté – http://bit.ly/okxM1F
I hope you like them :)

Alphakitty said

The coconut & honey matcha sounds soooo good. I think I will make one soon!

teapot1 said

This is awesome! I have some of the #1 tea on the way here now…I can’t wait to try this:).

Thanks! I hope you love them when you make them. Please let me know how it turns out. :)

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teapot1 said

Trying the Coconut HB Latte now! So very tasty:)!!!

Yay! That’s great. I am so glad you like it. :)

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