What's your favorite electric kettle (non plastic on the inside)?

I have one I got from Adagio awhile back. It’s been good but I’m really looking for one that has no plastic that will touch the boiling water. Any suggestions? Or should I get a stainless steel press?

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Azzrian said

If you are not worried about funds you may as well just cut to the chase and get the Breville now. Here is a link to the reviews:

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Azzrian said

Also here is the ebay seller I got mine from – save a lot of money doing it this way:

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I have the Breville variable temp kettle. Love it!

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WtFGoD said

i believe the other thread on this highlighted the ‘kamjove’ (or something like that) brand of kettles – which are pretty much all metal but not widely available

the kettle i own has a silicone/plastic ?? or idk water level gauge and i see no affect on the water taste wise

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I have the Adagio utiliTEA, and there’s no contact with plastic on the inside. It’s fantastic.

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Kettler said

Unfortunately those recommending the Adagio utiliTEA as a plastic-free solution are wrong. Adagio themselves confirm the water level sight window in the utiliTEA, which comes in direct contact with water, is plastic. The lid is also plastic so you get steam/condensate touching that surface and dripping down into the chamber.

The Breville One Touch Tea Maker also has plastic internal components including the lid and strainer basket lid/support. Those also come in contact with steam/condensate which drips into the chamber.

Site windows in most electric kettles are plastic. Spout sediment filters in most electric kettles are plastic. Many electric kettles have plastic components in their lids and several have internal plastic components anchoring their handles.

Finding a truly plastic free electric kettle at any price is ridiculously challenging thanks to the driving market demand for cheap disposable appliances. Clearly there is an unfulfilled bespoke market for a quality plastic free product.

Without making any endorsements, you might research the Precise HeatTM 1.5l kettle. Or if you like DIY solutions, some people buy the Hamilton Beach 40898 kettle and replace the lid with a glass cover (see Amazon for pictures and more information.)

If you want a guaranteed plastic free kettle and do not mind a little wait for water to boil, there are several traditional stovetop metal kettles available. Teavana also makes the stovetop Alasdair Glass Tea Kettle (all glass including the lid, though the lid does have a food-grade silicone seal.)

Good luck – I hope you find a solution that makes you happy.

Oh, you’re right. I suppose I didn’t consider the water level window.

Adagio as well as Teavana has a glass Tea Kettle, which you can place on the stove.

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