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3 New Teas in Store & 1 Expiring Offer

Dear fellow tea lovers,

We’re excited to announce the arrival of 3 new teas, not just because we have a larger lineup but because these are some of our personal favorites.

i) The Wuyi Sacred Lily (Shuixian) has that intoxicating ‘yan yun’ that is unique to Wuyi teas grown in the core-producing region or ‘zheng yan’ area of Wuyishan. The full-bodied taste is one you can feel on the roof of your mouth, long after the last delectable drop has been consumed.


ii) The Iron Goddess (Charcoal Roasted) or Tieguanyin is one of our personal favorites with its alluring charm and ‘yin yun’ that draws you in and ensnares you- making a lifelong convert of you.


iii) Phoenix Dancong- Honey Orchid Fragrance (Mi Lan Xiang)
It is not easy to describe the attraction of Dancong, it could be its natural floral, fruity notes, it could be the lingering aroma but personally I feel its that ‘shan yun’ that overwhelms you, transporting you to the heights of Phoenix Mountain.


Don’t forget to get 10% off all purchases with the coupon code ‘steeppeep’ which expires 31st of July 2012- (GMT +800)

Thank you and see you soon.

Derek Chew
Peony Tea S.
A Brand of
Moriah Pte Ltd

PS: We have mentioned quite a bit about ‘yun’ which we will eventually write about in our all about tea section (which includes quite a bit of info on what is quality tea, what is pre-qing ming tea and other tea related info.


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Not forgetting we also offer free shipping on tea leaves with purchases of $65 & above to everywhere in the world- including Canada ;)

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