Best Tea Brands for Anxiety Attacks

Hi guys! First post.

I suffer tremendously from a diagnosed anxiety disorder. And due to some personal issues arising in my life recently, my anxiety has gotten significantly worse. I’m short on cash but would like to purchase an authentic tea to help me in moments of extreme panic. Anything helps!

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I would seek professional help to deal with that kind of issue in the first place. Unfortunately there is no such thing as a tea that alleviate panic attacks, unless its consumed with atarax or similar medication.

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Ok, as someone who also suffers huge problems with anxiety, I can second the previous statement. Get professional help with that. If you have insurance, I would highly recommend getting set up with a psychiatrist and a therapist first. They will help you on your path.

However, I understand what you are saying and sometimes you can’t afford to pop that pill or a doctor isn’t available. I’ve been there myself. Unfortunately, I’ve also found that in the middle of a panic attack, it is very difficult to focus well enough to brew a cuppa. So unless you already have something made it probably won’t help. You might, depending on the situation, be able to get a teabag going, so whatever tea you choose, I would recommend it be bagged. I would also, for obvious reasons, recommend something without caffeine. I would avoid chamomile because if you can’t afford to pop that anxiety med, then it’s likely because you can’t afford to conk out, so don’t do chamomile. So yeah, Whatever tea you go with, find something…
1. Bagged
2. Herbal/Rooibos
3. No Chamomile

Again, the first step is seeking professional help. But after that, whose to say a cuppa won’t ease the situation?

Oh, and this post in no way is meant to serve as medical advice. Seriously, tea only gets you so far.

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Ubacat said

Holy basil is a really good tea for stress. Drink it lots during the day and you can even get some capsules to get extra in.

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