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Pyramid tea bags/sachets

I think the “teaware” section is a good place to put this…… I have been searching to buy bulk EMPTY pyramid style sachets/bags. I like using them to fill my tea in. I can’t seem to find pyramid sachets empty, for sale in bulk anywhere. UGH! Help?!

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You should ask EpiTea, he would definitely know.

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I mean you can buy things like T-sacs which are sort of like bags you fill yourself, but I don’t know if that’s what you’re looking for exactly.

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I feel like you would need some special way to seal them… I agree with Michelle ’s suggestion of T-Sacs!

I buy the large, teapot-sized T-sacs, and then if I just use it for my travel mug, there’s enough extra space at the top to tie it off!

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Helena said

I buy tea filters from David’s tea. They are compostible and they have a drawstring to close them. They also sell T-sacs. You get 100 teasacs in whatever form you choose :D They are empty so fill them with your favourite tea :D

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Epi Tea said

Thank you Tea and Trees for the mention!

Our sachets come from a manufacturer who requires that you buy very large quantities of sachets, far too many for pernal use.

In the past some of my friends have used these: http://www.artoftea.com/catalog/japanese-filter-bags-p-291.html?osCsid=c61348c67ca3c0ad33fa50bdbb676812

While i havent used them myself, my friends love them :) easy to use and store.

Hope this helps, best of luck!

Hi Epi Tea, I am looking for very large quantities, can you help me? [email protected]

MarineD said

Hi Epi Tea,
This post is quite old but I am actually looking for large quantities of tea sachets. Would you be able to help me?
Thanks a lot!

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VeryPisces said

I, too, have looked for the pyramid sachets and also cannot find them. I realize they might be hard to close, but I’d figure something out. I really like them.

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VeryPisces said

Whoa- just that quickly, I take it back. I found them here:https://www.itoen.com/empty-nylon-mesh-tea-bags-set-of-10-tea-sold-separately.html
However, there is no image so…purchase at your own risk? I might try it.

Dinosara said

I knew I had seen something about non-paper tea sacs (I can’t stand paper in my tea… I taste it!), and I found an old thread where someone said they found very fine polyester tea bags from japan on ebay. But a quick search didn’t yield anything immediately. If you do end up buying the itoen bags, please let me know how it goes!

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thais said

thanks guys for all your help and suggestions….

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Erin said

Not sure if this helps, but I like to use this extra-large infuser-

It is marketed for large volumes of tea infusing, but I find it to only be big enough for personal use (10oz mugs & such) with loose-leaf teas. Of course, as with all mesh balls, it does allow the finest-size particles through into your mug.

I had also considered ordering the even larger mesh balls/strainers. They are often labeled for use with spices.

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fate-house said

You may try " www.fatehouse.com.sg"
They have union bulk purchasing activities going on,it make small quantum of tea sachets purchasing possible and really cheap

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