Does anyone know if the Jellybeans DavidsTea uses are Veg*n?

Does anyone know if the Jelly Beans DavidsTea uses in some of their flavored/NovelTEAs are Vegetarian/Vegan????

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Spot52 select said

Off the subject….why a * in the title? I have thoughts, but I am not certain.

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Generally speaking – it’s a funky abbreviation. Some veggie heads use “Veg*n” as a short form for: Vegetarian/Vegan – it means either/or OR both…in a nutshell :) Hope that helps :)

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Spot52 select said

gotcha. it was nothing near what i thought. i wondered if it was something about search engines and non-tea related traffic. i know that over at teachat you cannot post, or at least you couldn’t before, anything about weed because of the traffic it brought in. there were tricks about posting without attracting the attention. sorry for the long winded context for my curiosity. Thanks for the info!

Thanks for letting ME know about YOUR info!!

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They use Jelly Bellys in their blend – here’s a little article from someone who emailed Jelly Belly and got an answer! :)

Thanks so much for this! I, personally, am Lacto-ovo Veg (not Vegan) even tho I don’t like Milk or Eggs (stand alone)…BUT…I do not consume gelatin/gelatine…I will eat honey/beeswax on occasion.

It’s good to know that they don’t contain gelatin – I’m not a big fan of it myself. It’s rare to see a jellybean that doesn’t, but then again, I’m a big fan of Jelly Bellys anyways so I might be a bit biased ;) hehe

I just want to say how pleased I am with Jelly Belly for recognizing that beeswax is a factor to consider for vegans! Well done! :D

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momo said

just FYI I didn’t think it had enough jelly beans so I threw in some Starburst ones in the tin and they aren’t made with gelatin either.

Good to know!!! Thanks!

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Lynxiebrat said

Mmmm I love both Jelly Belly’s and Starburst Jelly Beans. As for the traditional ones….(like in easter baskets.) yech! too sweet, and not a good sweet to me anymore. I’m not a vegatarian, however I am trying to be conscious of what I eat.
Drat….now I’m craving tea with jelly belly’s in them! Grrr!!! lol.

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I love jelly bellys… in fact, hubby bought be a big jar of them yesterday when we went to Costco. He knows me so well. :)

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Jillian said

Hey, if you don’t want those Jelly Bellys you could always send them to me. ;P

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