Teavana 2012 Discontinued Teas

Here is a link to the list of the 18 teas Teavana is retiring in the Fall.


I’m slightly taken aback that they are retiring 5 white teas this year (they only got rid of one last year), but I can see most of these didn’t sell. I’m very surprised they are getting rid of Huang Shan Mao Feng and really hope they don’t just replace it with Emerald Mao Feng (unless they want to offer it for cheap). Temple Peaks couldn’t survive even with a couple name changes.

No surprise that Zocolatte Spice didn’t survive the year, little more that Auspicious Ayame didn’t, but it was a bit to similar to Dancong (crosses fingers for a Taiwaneese Ooolong). Will not be sad to see Sweet Oolong Revolution go (even being a pumpkin fan I couldn’t get into this one) and good riddance to Yumberry and Cocoa Praline Tart. I like mixing Jinga Citrus Twist and Ginseng Vitality with Gyokuro when I was sick, but never really sold the latter and was’t fond of Lemon Lime Kampai.

What do you all think, any favorites you’re sad to see go?

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darby select said

OMG!!!! I’m so glad you posted this! I LOVE the Swiss Vervaine as my bedtime tea and when I have a sore throat. The Frutto Bianco and Shanghai Orchid are among my favorites. I love the Heavenly sale too but can’t risk not getting any of these.
The only benefit is that there will be new teas – which I love to enjoy. Teavana is one of my favorite places to go since I can smell them and decide.
I agree with you on the Sweet Revolution – LOVE pumpkin but could just not get past the smell on this one.

Newb2T said

I have fallen in love with the Swiss vervaine as well! Anyone know of anything similar??

darby select said

Nope – that’s why I bought out what my store had – about 3 pounds! LOL
It’s such a large mixture of ingredients – I’m so sad to lose it.

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chadao said

I can only hope that the Huang Shan Mao Feng will be replaced by a similar, high quality, straight, Chinese green tea. This has been my staple, the only tea even worth touching, at work.

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Damn, I actually really liked the Siwss Vervaine. Not all the time, but it’s good with honey for a sore throat. Maybe I’ll buy 4oz or something, since I’ve already got 2 or 3 floating around. Thanks for posting!

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Lynxiebrat said

I wouldn’t be sad to see Aztec Fire go, though I highly doubt it will, I’ve talked to a couple of people who love it. lol…ok I’m mostly kidding, just because I didn’t like it doesn’t mean I would be a meaniehead and wish for it to be gone. I just tried the Strawberry Paraiso on Wednesday, I like it. My favorite tea from there is Zingiber Ginger Coconut, though unfortunately the last couple of times I had it, it sucked. It is possible that it is part of the original packet I had gotten when I 1st started buying from there, I hadn’t gotten a tin for it, I had assumed that it would be good for a couple of months.. In a couple of weeks I am going to get some more, but if I continue to not like it anymore then that will be the last. Which I hope doesn’t happen, because like I said, that is my favorite tea.

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Babble said

When do they usually start discounting these teas?

Well I can only go based on what they did last year, note this is for in stores, some of the retiring teas are already out of stock. The new teas should come in at the end of September or early October (I’m sure they’ll make an announcement), whatever is left in the big canisters on the tea wall of the retired teas will get weighed out into small bags (2oz) to give away with every purchase of $25 or so. Then what is left in the stock room in sealed 2 lb bags will stay there till the Heavenly Sale, the day after Christmas and will be put into cheap tins and marked off 50%, whatever doesn’t sell in a week or two will be marked down to 75%. Last year they also marked down some teas on the wall that weren’t selling very well (their new Darjeeling, the Dan Cong that gets over looked due to Monkey Picked Oolong being so heavily promoted, as well as some less popular flavored blends they decided not to discontinue and probably have too much volume of). There will be select merchandise as well, gift sets, tea sets, cups, coasters, tumblers even cast-iron. Some of these will be going away for good, others they will just temporarily promote. But hard to say if they’ll do things any different this year. I know they got some feedback asking for Black Friday sales, but I don’t know if they’ll do anything this year.

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Does anyone know if Teavana made a tea like SpecialTeas ‘Vienna Winter Green’ after they bought them? They might have changed the name or something. I don’t know much about Teavana, so anyone else would know more than I do!

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sfendt said

Sweet Oolong Revolution was my absolute favorite. Can’t find anything as good in the oolong category today, I am very disappointed. I have found some details of what was in it, and I have a very small amount left. I will be working on blending my own replacement, unless someone out there can help: Any to sell? Any information on what was in it? Anybody found anything close?

Base appears to be Oolong tea, pumpkin pieces, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, candied papaya, nutmeg and rose petals. I’m searching pure oolong teas to find something close to the tightly curled leaf variety they that was in it. Pumpkin will take some experiments. Papaya is easy, the others I’ll adjust to taste. Who knows, when I get there, I might be able to save $$ blending my own.

Good luck finding a replacement sfendt! Just an FYI any of that tea the store had left in sealed bags (or that corporate has in its warehouse) will be going on sale the day after Christmas, if its like last year it will start at 50% off then whatever doesn’t sell in a few days to a week will drop to 75%

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john12 said

Is there a list of the new teas that will be replacing them? I didn’t see anything on their web site.

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They were replaced a couple months ago: http://www.teavana.com/the-teas/new-teas

john12 said

Thanks for the link.

I guess they don’t know that Wulong and Oolong are the same thing…silly Teavana.

They know, they just use wulong when it suits them to sound exotic. Last year it was Auspicious Ayame a darker oolong (could be because it’s from the Wu Dong Mountains) this year its a flavored green oolong inspired by South America. Perhaps Teavana just likes alliteration. Wild Orange Wulong Oolong, WOWO!

Maybe. I find it funny. :)

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I was one of those crazy people who liked Scarlet Cloud!

runs off to stock up

Bubbles said

Oh, MAN! I liked that one, too! It’s my bedtime tea.

I know~
It’s kind of an inconsistent one sometimes, but it kind of makes it a fun surprise every time… :)

Bubbles said

It’s on sale now! $3.75/2oz It was sold out on the site last night, and I was so disappointed, figuring it was gone to me forever. (I don’t like close enough to Teavana to just walk in.) It came back this morning, so I got some. Hope you’re able to, too!

Yes, I was watching the site like a hawk and managed to get it and other teas on sale too. Thanks for thinking to tell me this though, you’re very thoughtful :)

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