Your TOP 10 Teas of all time

I thought it would be an interesting question…. what are your top 10 teas (or around that number) of all time? These could be teas that are still available for sale or not. (You don’t have to go by Steepster ratings, or I guess that would defeat the purpose of this question.)

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LuckyMe said

Great topic! There have been many life-changing teas for me over the years so it’s hard to chronicle them all, but here are some off the top of my head:

1) Naivetea Lychee oolong (RIP Naivetea…they knew how to do scented tea right)
2) Den’s Sakura Sencha (old formula, not the matcha dusted sakura tea they sell now)
3) Beautiful Taiwan Tea Company Old Style Dong Ding (legendary stuff. i had this in 2015 or so and am still awestruck by it. sadly, subsequent harvests were never the same)
4) TTC Citrus Flower Scented Four Seasons (this experimental batch was a real flower bomb)
5) Yunnan Sourcing Classic Bai Lin Gong Fu Golden Monkey (~2016 harvest. i used to be a black tea hater until I tried this tea)
6) Verdant Laoshan Green Tea (LOVE this stuff. hands down my favorite Chinese green tea)
7) Teavana Fruta Bomba (gone but not forgotten. this was teavana’s best blend. wish i’d stocked up when they went out of business)
8) Shibi High Mountain Oolong (~2014-2015 harvest. i thought TGY was the be all, end all of jade oolong until i tried this tea. simply mind-blowing stuff.)
9) BTTC Competition Grade Baozhong (~2017 harvest. possibly the most perfect baozhong i’ve ever tasted. i remember it being so potent and sweet, yet so nuanced at the same time)
10) High Elevation Mi Lan Xian (the most elegant dan cong. best way to describe it is like biting into saffron poached peaches)

Honorable mention: Fukumushi Sencha Asatsuyu, Kamaricha from Yuuki-Cha, Jasmine White Tea, Teavivre Unsmoked Lapsang Souchong

Lovely list. Verdant’s Laoshan is also my top green.

I need to think about my list, but Unsmoked Lapsang Souchong will definitely be on it! That tea changed me when I first tasted it!

Oooo.. I have a sample of the unsmoked lapsang souchong. I might just have to pull that tea out tomorrow and drink it.

Another source of unsmoked souchong tea is Townshend’s, in Portland. They call it “Lapu Mountain Souchong” and I agree, this style is amazing.

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