Sare said

Best Tea to help with Weight loss?

So I am starting a diet and I have herd oolong and green tea are the best for this… it also states the tea has to be very fresh how do I ensure this? and also what are some good Oolong and Green teas ?

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Uniquity said

I find that any time you’re repacing a drink that has calories with (unadulterated) tea, it’s good for weight loss (IE: replacing milk, pop, juice, etc with tea or water). Of course, if you add sugar or milk to your tea it might defeat that purpose a bit. : )

Otherwise, I don’t notice any difference, but I find that nothing works for weight loss (for me) like working out and eating better did. Unfortunately. : )

I completely agree with Uniquity. Though I will say that I use strong black tea (with nothing added) to combat my sugar cravings.

Scott B said

Even adding a little sugar won’t hurt that much if you are replacing sugary drinks and juices. Consider a can of pop-it has 10-12 teaspoons of sugar in it. Replacing it with a cup of tea with one teaspoon of sugar is a 90% or better reduction in calories. Or going with a flavored tea without adding sugar-those teas usually have only 5 calories or less per cup.

Scott B-Good point.

TeaChestUK said

If you do miss the sweetness of your usual drinks a naturally sweet drink like Jasmine tea, licorice and mint herbal teas or any made with stevia are a good call.

Green Tea for Weight Loss
Green tea is a healthy drink and rich in Flavonoid antioxidants. It helps prevent heart disease, to reduce the signs of aging, flush out toxins from the body and improve immunity and to aid in weight loss.

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I’m doing a 20lb 20 week weight loss challenge with doing brazilian jiujitsu for my blog and I swear when I drink guayusa it makes me feel full and I stop snacking. I also come out after cardio or jiujitsu not feeling hungry and I don’t eat back the calories I just lost.

Other teas I’ve tried in the past were asian diet teas – some are supposed to make you feel full, others are laxatives which probably isn’t a healthy way to drop weight. The feeling full teas didn’t work at all for me compared to guayusa.

But yeah, overall tea is great to replace out high calorie drinks like what Uniquity said, but you can also use fun desserty blend teas to swap out or ease cravings for actual desserts.

I’ve noticed that too with guayusa. I drink guayusa quite a bit since it gets me going in the morning. I just don’t feel hungry after drinking guayusa even if I hadn’t had much to eat.

momo said

I was wondering earlier why on earth I wasn’t hungry for lunch until 2pm. I had guayusa at noon, so that really would explain it!

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Science seems to suggest that caffeine will boost your metabolism but I know a good number of coffee addicts who struggle with their weight so the boost is likely minimal. Or they just compensate by eating more. Not sure. In the end, the only way I’ve found to keep my weight down is healthy eating habits and regular exercise. This is a life style commitment, but healthiest in the end. Tea can be a part of your healthy food plan! You can have an iced root beer tea instead of root beer, or a lovely dessert tea instead of actual dessert. Even with a bit of sugar and cream, a cup of chocolate tea is better than a bar of chocolate. Then you can work on enjoying your tea sugar free! Admittedly, sugar free tea was a long journey for me. Now I can’t stand sugar in my tea unless it’s black or rooibos.

Good luck! To health! Clinks mugs :)

TwoDog2 said

Right… people who market tea as a weight loss solution are just being dishonest. The caffeine will give you a small boost, but losing weight is about proper diet and exercise. Eat lots of fresh vegetables, exercise 3-5 times per week, drink a lot of water, don’t eat a lot of sugar and processed foods.

If you eat McDonald’s value meals and never exercise, no tea on Earth is going to put a dent in that.

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Sare said

I am doing 6 week body makeover Plus adding in soldier Fit for my exercise :) Thank you all for you suggestions !! I think with this triple team at weight loss i may not know what is doing it but as long as I loose weight I don’t care! lol

TwoDog2 said

Sounds like you are on the right track! Just exercise, eat healthy, and drink a lot of water (and tea) and it will all combine to make you healthier and lose weight

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Sare, good question.

According the the research we could find, Oolong is almost 3x more effective at weight loss than green tea. The research and links are here:

To address Uniquity’s very observant comment, you have to have a realistic point of view on it.

If you start drinking tea to loose weight, but continue to eat 3 pizza’s for dinner and not exercise (for example), then you will probably be disappointed. It is not a magic bullet.

What does make tea a perfect COMPLIMENT to any weight loss program is the effect it has on your metabolism – and thus weight loss. It is not about calories you ingest. Tea is effective for weight loss because of the great increase in Energy Expenditure after drinking the tea.

Oolong tea has been shown to be the best at this. Again, here is the research:

Yes, we sell it, but we also believe in it and see many email from our customers every single day how it helps people. I hope this doesn’t come off as too spammy, but we are passionate about what a great foundation for weight loss oolong tea can be.

No matter what, keep trying and good luck. If we can help you in any way, just ask.

Sare said

thank you for this!!

Babble said

Is there a particular type of oolong that is better? Are flavored oolongs just as effective as pure oolongs?

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The tea is derived from a single plant. The big differentiators in the tea are the different regions where the tea is grown. Some are good, some are great.

You really want to find a good, high quality tea from the Fujian province. These have been reputed to be the best for thousands of years.

Read more:

Have a great weekend.

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Sare, I have this tea from Teavana called Weight to Go: It’s pu-erh mixed with oolong. I don’t know if it’s helped me lose any weight, because I don’t drink it every day, but I know it tastes good! I’ll send you a sample if you want when I send you the other tea.

Sare said

Rachel that would be AMAZING that way i can taste it and see if i would drink it every day lol!

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There is a great package from Nature’s Tea Leaf called Best Teas For Weight Loss. It includes Pu’erh, King Peony White, Chickweed and Bilberry. They are all quality loose teas.

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We do a Lotus Tea which is a slimline tea. It’s very mild and easy to drink with no caffeine in it and has been very popular. is where you can read more information.

As the others have said, tea is a brilliant way of cutting out high calorie drinks and many are so delicious, they don’t need anything added. Alternatively, a tea spoon of natural honey is a lovely way of adding a sweeter flavour to many teas.

Many good points made about green tea (detoxing), oolong and puerh and agreed with all of these.

With regards to keeping tea fresh, I recommend a container (not plastic) and don’t allow the leaves to get damp.

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KallieBoo! said

I’ve heard that yerba mate is wonderful for weight loss. I’ve been drinking it lately and have noticed a lot of my snacking has gone down and my energy has gone way, way up! If you don’t like the taste of it try mixing it with another tea :] My personal favorites are blueberry rooibos and lemongrass black tea!

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