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Numi's 2 Week Pu Erh Challenge!

I’m prefacing this thread by giving the steepster guys complete permission to move this thread as it can fit in a number of places (i.e. one of the several pu erh threads, the thread about contests, etc). I wasn’t sure where to put it, so I just started a new thread. My apologies if it should be moved

From Numi Organic Tea:
Rather than tell you about the wonders of Puerh, we would like to hear your personal reflections and how the ancient healer affects you. We challenge you to replace your daily “fix” beverage of choice (coffee, soda, energy drinks) with any of Numi’s Organic Puerh flavors for two weeks.

If you take The Puerh challenge, and we post your personal reflections online, Numi will send you two more weeks of worth Puerh! We believe you’ll feel compelled to replace your coffee and soda routine all together.

How to:

Step 1: Purchase enough boxes of Numi Organic Puerh from your local natural specialty grocery store or at to satisfy your needs for two weeks.
For an extra incentive, enter code ‘2Weeks’ at checkout for a 25% discount off two boxes of Numi Puerh Tea at

Step 2: When you have your supply of Numi Organic Puerh Tea put your coffee, soda, energy drink aside and begin enjoying Puerh.

Step 3: Throughout the two weeks we would appreciate that you compile a short written or video journal with the date and time identified. We want to hear how your 2 weeks of Puerh is going, and how the ancient secret tea makes you feel.

Step 4: Compile all of your entries and send a minimum of 5 written and/or video entries along with your photograph to [email protected]. Please include the date with each of your journal entries as well as your shipping address. If we feature your story on this blog, we’ll send you 2 more boxes of organic Puerh for your next 2 weeks!

Take the journey, discover the secret.
You can also read what others have to say about their 2 weeks with Puerh on this blog.

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Cinoi said

oh man…probably going to have to do this, but all my other ratings will suffer…

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Cofftea said

It appears the coupon code “2weeks” has expired, which doesn’t make sense because I just got an email about this yesterday. I’ll contact them and let everyone know what I found out.

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Cofftea said

Ok… so I FINALLY heard back and there’s good news and bad news. They said:
“Thank you for your email and your interest in our products. I looked in to this for you, and it does look as though Numi neglected to include an expiration date in their newsletter. Since you had no way of knowing when the promotion would end, we would be happy to honor it. You will, though, need to place your order over the phone. We can be reached at 866.972.6879.”

I just placed my order. I can’t promise it will work, but give them a call and try! And post your success/failure so others can know if they’re letting people get the deal:)

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